Everybody Else Is Doing It…

Everybody Else Is Doing It…

So why shouldn’t I?

Paint chipboard letters, that is…   

I have been stuck in the “cover it with paper” mode for way too long.  I’ve had lots of fun over the past several weeks perusing other blogs and other forms of art, etc.  Talked to my aunt the other night for several hours about crafting and such and she suggested collage… I’m trying to get my mind on board for trying out collage…. like REAL collage… where you use all sorts of media and lump it all together with some sort of glue.  But I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around it yet.  It’s messy and I have a hard time with messy. LOL!  (But once I GET messy… I’m ok with staying messy and being in the mess…)

Anyway.. no collage just yet… HOWEVER, comma, but, I did sit down to create a fun bit o’ art for Mini C #3 (shown here with his great grandpa)


… for a very belated birthday present and decided that I did NOT like the chipboard letters covered in paper… so I pulled out my boat load of acrylic paints and painted them up instead.  I LIKE painted chipboard, so much faster than adhering paper and trying to cut out the intricate curves and pieces with a craft knife…. and FAST, too… it dried up like mud on July day in the desert.

This is an altered sketchbook that was given with colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a little pencil box to contain the fun.  Not shown: After it was finished I was worried about the letters falling off or the paper peeling off, so I sewed a slip cover from vinyl to help preserve the cover, unrolled the wires, slipped on the cover and rerolled the wire. (I originally tried using a BIA Owire, but the holes in this sketchbook were totally wrong and I didn’t want to re-punch the whole thing.)

eb462-codysketchbook_thumb-3829951 e9d74-codysketchbook2_thumb5b15d-5004880

Creative Supplies:

All Paper from Close To My Heart
Chipboard letters from Maya Road
Sketchbook from WalMart
Vinyl from WalMart
ATG Adhesive
Acrylic paint
Liquid Glass to adhere the chipboard

4 thoughts on “Everybody Else Is Doing It…

  1. That is the cutest sketch book. I love the painted chipboard. I have so much and never know how to decorate. Covering it with paper seems like so much work. I love the painting idea

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