Happy Birthday Sadie!

Happy Birthday Sadie!

Today is the birthday of my beloved furrbaby, Sadie. No, I am not the crazy dog lady… well, ok, maybe I might be …. just a little bit. I made this little card in honor of her bday. I used American Crafts paper, CTMH chalks & inks, and the stamp is from Stampin’ Up.

sadiebdaycard2007web-9711945We were feeling baby hungry a few years back, 6 ago this Nov 5th to be precise, and took a little window shopping trip to the animal shelter…. JUST TO LOOK… (ok so B and I have decided we are not allowed to “just look” anymore… that’s how we ended up with a house, the Tahoe, and Sadie). Anyway, we wandered through the animal shelter and looked at all the available furry friends. I was bawling when I walked around the last corner and saw this little tiny animal carrier perched up on a file cabinet… peering from behind the bars of the door were two eyes of the strangest color yellow/amber. A few seconds later we were greeted by a string of yips and barks. I had found my baby!!! Immediately I knew she was the one for me (us). LUCK of LUCK, she had just come off of quarantine that day. The animal shelter people guessed that she was approximately 2 months old and had her birth day listed as Sept 2, 2001. We paid the adoption fees, scooped her up, headed into WalMart to pick up some doggie supplies and thus began our life with a dog.

sadie-2016816Sadie has been the best little blessing in our life for the past 6 years. She’s been happy company and loves unconditionally. She’s smart, well behaved, and spoiled rotten (uh, I mean well loved). She’s super friendly and has helped so many children overcome their fear of dogs. I am glad that we have her in our life.

Yes, I am the crazy dog lady…. I plan on making cupcakes this Sunday and having some friends of ours over for a birthday celebration.. tee hee….

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sadie!

  1. Your in good company. My dogs (3 of them) are the most spoiled doggies on the planet. I went to the store last night and more than half the bill was on items for them or for my cat. (Does my cat really need food that costs a $1 a can?)

  2. My DGD is one of the many Blessings in our lives, she just turned 6 on Saturday 9/8! My daughter let her invite her whole class – is she brave or what?! She held her party on Sunday.. she had a huge cake & 15 screamers.. I mean friends .. it was sheer madness!

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