Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, friends!

It’s been a looong day, today we were up bright and early to do a final blitz of fliers/flyers (can’t decide on the spelling, but I really ought to look it up, lol) on our good city. Several friends met us here at the house for hot chocolate/wassail/oj/milk at the house early this am and then we all set out to hang the last of the fliers/flyers. I had a carful of young ones and we hit about 500 houses. I think we finished around 2:30 pm, just in time for me to drop kids off at home to get ready for Halloween festivities and to run some errands for our evening festivities.

I’m not usually a big Halloween person, but this year I wanted to at least dress up a little… so while I was running errands at the great W I found some fabulous falsies (eyelashes) and since I have always been a little fascinated by fabulous eyelashes I thought I’d try them out.

The costume started out as me being the chunky version of Elizabeth Taylor, but then I remembered I had a great witches hat in one of our Halloween/Fall decor Rubbermaid bins and sent B off to fetch it for me. WOOT! And then I remembered I had this awesome new black frilly skirt that would be cool and I had some fun patterned nylons in the back of the sock drawer… so a “wicked” witch I became. Brent, of course, was a politician tonight.

A few days ago I picked up some 99c eye shadows over at Sally Beauty Supply and wanted to play around with them. (I’ve never really worn “smokey/sultry” eye shadow before and this was loads of fun. The hair flower is courtesy of Icing. I am looooooving hair bling lately!

Here are a few snap shots:





We had loads of kids come by this year and ran out of candy right before this photo was taken. I headed over to a girlfriend’s house to drop off a birthday treat and then we headed out to another friend’s for a really late dinner.

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

Inky Smiles!

PS.. please ignore the unpainted trim on the pantry door… we hung it up and I started to paint it when we realized that the profile was not an exact match.. it was just enough “off” that it looked strange. Gonna pry it off and cut a new piece to match this month. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I'm glad you had fun! We did too. Me & my daughter were witches, too. but just plain black – no color so I LOVE the purple! Not much activity door to door around here. Wish it were busy like it used to be. We did trunk or treat at church though, still fun.

  2. Excellent! Sounds like you had a very busy, productive and fun day.

    You look FABULOUS Dahlingk!

    (if I use Firefox to go to your blog, all is well…Chrome must be really sensitive to stuff)

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