Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

scrapbookhyde-9785281Love this cartoon! It came to me today from a friend… totally made me laugh! I have not felt like or had energy to scrapbook… perhaps I need to visit Dr. J!!! LOL!

I need to apologize for not posting for a while. I’ve been out of the loop for the past week. We had some major issues with our ISP having a DNS server completely crash and fry out the in house servers (when they rebooted) in several homes in our area. We’ were without tv, phone, and internet for most of last week. We spent over 7.5 hours on hold with the ISP company on our cell phones and finished burning up this month’s allotment of minutes in a matter of a couple of days.
I had something going on EVERY night last week and finally crashed on Friday and went to a Witch’s Night Out at a girlfriend’s house. Ok so I am sooo not a Halloween girl…. BUT this was sooooo much fun! Ginny had us all come dressed in our “Witch’s Best” (For me it was a borrowed hat with purple hair.. lol!) and she had yummy chili and breadbowls and salsa with chips all ready for us when we arrived. She also had ginnystoryweb-1859503Witch’s Brew (rootbeer) ice cold in the bottle. She read a cute little story had a little “ceremony” (promise not to be a lame girl friend and wear a little finger puppet instead of gross fingernails – see photo to the left) to initiate us as “witches”… totally silly and fun. She gave us fun and silly little gift bags, too. I won the contest for the “best cackle”…. LOL!

We just had a fun and relaxing girl’s night out. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for next year!!

I need to get the pics of me from Ginny’s camera… but here are a couple of photos from the evening….

ripcake-5251847Yummy Cupcakes!!!

She made the CUTEST cupcakes… I had to take pics of them to share… so stinkin cute! She broke the PepperidgeFarms cookies in half and wrote BOO and RIP on them and crammed them in the choc cupcakes to make headstones… sooo fun!

A few of the other girls had matching metallic eyelashes! These were sooo cool! I’ve been trying to find a pair to wear on Halloween night when the kids come for treats.

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