I’m Not Quite Dead Yet…

I’m Not Quite Dead Yet…

Can you name that movie?

Really, I promise I have not died or dropped off the face of the planet. It’s just been an insanely busy couple of weeks.

Here, I will show you.

This has been what’s kept me away from the computer for the past little while.

My sis and her family (dh, b/g 3 yr old twins and 4 mo old baby) came out to visit us for a week. (I spent several days prior to the visit trying to get a “singles” house small child “safe”. (It’s still wonky from last year’s construction and the guest room was still packed full of boxes and what not.)


That’s me and my sis, Liz… B snapped that pic the morning they headed home.


Aren’t they the most darling itty bitties you’ve ever seen? Maybe I’m biased. I love them. Look at those cheeks. You simply can not resist smooching them! That’s Dude, Baby (working on a cute nickname still), and Squid.

We had so much fun. I miss them dearly already and am already saving plane ticket pennies and figuring out my next visit to Iowa.

I will be back with more fun photos and some projects (oooh, jewelry!) that I have been working on soon. (I just got back from Curves and am procrastinating going to work… lots of catch up to do today) In the meantime, take a listen and have a laugh.

Playing LeftBrainGroceryList-32.mp3
(a new window will open and a media player will play it… it’s audio only. The lady you’re listening to is Jeanne Robertson. She is hilarious!!!)

Inky Smiles!


9 thoughts on “I’m Not Quite Dead Yet…

  1. Happy to see you “surface.” Funny how one becomes concerned when their cyber friends drop out of sight for a while. Your reason was good. Your nephew and nieces are beautiful!!

  2. Can't name the movie but who cares when you have such cuties in your house!! I have twins too and they're boy and girl! I love seeing that! Missed your posts but glad you're having fun!!

  3. Nope, can't name the movie, sorry!

    And I agree, those have got to be some of the most adorable itty bitties I've seen.

    Glad you had such a wonderful reason to be off the radar for a bit.

    My dad just arrived for his week long visit, so I'll be quiet for a bit now, too.


  4. Now you got me scratching my head bout the movie – Is it a Monty Python one – knights of the round table?

    Cutie patootie nieces and nephews. I too live vicariously through my sister and her kiddies 🙂

    Love the blog by the way – long time reader – first time commenter!

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