Kids, Kids, and more Kids

Kids, Kids, and more Kids

Hey all!  It’s been a wonky week again.  Summers are usually this way for us and we usually end up with a plethora of odds n’ ends kids hanging out with us around our house….

I had a surprise visit from my nieces (on B’s side) Tuesday through Thursday.   Their mom had to work and their babysitter got promoted to full time at her regular job so they came to stay with me for a couple of days.   We had a blast, went to the pool and yesterday we made some jewelry with my leftover “kid beads” and made a boatload of chicken salad sandwich stuff for a church party (Enrichment).

We didn’t take a lot of photos on this visit, we were too busy playing and running errands…    Brent forgot his work laptop so we had to drive up to meet him halfway and decided to stop at IHOP for breakfast… yum!  After that we hit up WalMart for some supplies for our afternoon activity!

But first I had to make a boatload of chicken salad sandwich filling for the finger sandwiches for our “garden tea party” which was supposed to be in my friend’s MIL’s grand back yard, but due to the nasty microbursts we’ve been having we relocated to the church.

If I never see chicken salad sandwich filling ever again I will be a happy girl. LOL!  Thank goodness for my little helpers!

{Keepin it REAL… please ignore the bedhead hair & lack of make up… lol}

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Chop, chop, chop, the 6 lbs of chicken…. then stirrrrrrr in some chopped celery and green onions… MMMMMM!


We made two different styles of earrings but decided on the one on the right because it was more “little girl” vs “teen girl”..

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They were worried that mom wouldn’t let them wear “too long of earrings”…  LOL!  Smart kids!

And in keeping with tradition… you gotta take goofy pics.



Yes, we snapped the photo upside down… hehehe!

Next up… CUPCAKES…. real & paper.

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  1. Erin you are just TOO much fun! I'll bet you all had a fabulous time together. The chicken salad looks yummy and those earrings and bracelet…oooh la la!

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