Kitchen Remodel Part I

Kitchen Remodel Part I

We’ve been in our house now for over 10 years and we’ve made maaaaany changes to it.  We’ve finished the basement from the concrete up ourselves (only hired out the carpet), ripped out carpet and linoleum and replaced them with wood floors and tile, ripped out our master bathroom and completely remodeled it and have painted gallons upon gallons of paint and added trim and other fun detail pieces to our home.

We’ve been gearing up for the biggest change ever in the history of “Brent & Erin Remodel Something” for the last little bit and have already been busing going gung-ho on Project Kitchen.

My kitchen is not too teeny, but it’s only got one small section of countertop (we refer to it as “spot ‘o’ counter top) space and the layout is kinda wonky for what we need in a kitchen. We’re pushing the kitchen wall 3 feet out into the garage (into “extra” space) and doing some reconfiguring and purchasing new custom built cabinets for our kitchen.  The dream prior to this was to add a whole new kitchen on to the garage but that is way bigger and more costly of a project than what we were willing to do.

Here’s a “before” of our kitchen when we very first moved in. 

IMG_1565web    IMG_1567web

It was nice, but VERY anemic…. So then 5 years later we decided paint would be a good thing… ok, well *I* finally figured out what I wanted to paint.. haha… Brent chose the colors.

IMG_1156web  IMG_1585web

We also added some trim (4” crown moulding and a plant shelf) to the top of the 8’ wall that divides the kitchen and front room.  The trim really popped and made the walls look awesome and gave the house  a more finished feel.

IMG_1666web IMG_1667web IMG_1157web

A few years later we had the “Giant Poo Flood” (aka sewer back up in the basement) and so we went to work on redoing floors in the house… you know, “while we were at it”.. .haha!

We replaced the old, icky, holey linoleum in the kitchen and dining room with 18” tiles.  Minus the old ratty oval rug this is how my kitchen has been for the past 2.5-3 years.


And then a little over a month ago we discovered a leak in the water line to the fridge/ice maker…. it slowly dripped and flowed under the tiles in the kitchen and we had to remove about 18 tiles (we removed them until we found dry concrete backerboard) from the floor.  We cut out all the concrete backer board and let the floor sit open for several weeks to dry and while we thought about what to do…

IMG_3898 IMG_3903 IMG_3910 IMG_3915 IMG_3914

Then we had this bright idea to do some reconfiguring… move the fridge to where the current pantry is and some other “tweaking”… And this is where I’ve been all week and what we’ve been doing around here. 

Here are some snapshots of the work in progress. You can click the image to view larger.


We’ve made some crazy huge progress since this last photo of Brent putting up the new kitchen/garage wall.  I will be back soon with more progress reports.  I’ve gotta go help Brent move the water line.

Constructiony Smiles!

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