Mini Purses – Quickie Party Favor “Bags”

Mini Purses – Quickie Party Favor “Bags”

Quickie post today.  I was working on a small project with my friend, Amanda, for a church activity. She needed to cut our some “party favors” – 40 mini purses and tags to hold little candies so we went to town.

I have to say

THANK GOODNESS FOR MTC!!!!!  I don’t mean the LDS Missionary Training Center.. I mean MAKE THE CUT and my Cricut Expression!   I’ve been playing with the demo version for a while and finally a month or so ago bought the full version of it.  I love the endless possibilities of using my existing digital art and most of all FONTS… I don’t have to buy a zillion font cartridges. SO HAPPY!

Now, before you Cricut professional ladies go ape on me and tell me I could have done it all with a cart and my dial, I know, I know I could have…. I specifically needed to resize these purses and tags by scaling them and not just tweaking the measurements on the roll-y dial or on my Gypsy (which I haven’t played much with YET).   I downloaded some FREE images from the MTC forums and loaded them up.  I stamped an image on some scrap paper to figure out the exact size I needed to make the tags.  I loved that I could scale it all on my computer right in front of me.

I cut out 48 purses and Amanda and I scored and assembled them and then she came back over last night and I cut out 40 bracket labels and left them on the mat while I stamped a sentiment in each one. It went soooo fast!   Then we adhered the labels to the mini purses and stuck little flowers on with some Glitter Glue and added glitter centers to the flowers and popped little Hershey nuggets in each one.

These are really super simple and boring but they needed to be quick and easy peasy. Not a lot of Erin Fru Fru on here, but hey they are cute and they will work 🙂 YAY!

IMG_3645web  IMG_3646web IMG_3650web



4 thoughts on “Mini Purses – Quickie Party Favor “Bags”

  1. Hi Erin, it is so funny to see someone else who still has Cocoa Cafe paper! I'm pretty sure I still have 5 or more packages in my hording drawer! These are cute bags, too.

  2. Nancy, I use this paper for anything now. Just need to get rid of it. Plus it's way cute paper. I think I am down to my last 2 sets of paper. It was way fun and easy to make these pourses. Especialy with the little time we had. Thanks again Erin for your help.

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