MMMM Summer Fun

MMMM Summer Fun

It is sooooo dang cold here still! It’s snowing AGAIN tonight and “they say” it’s just starting!!! We had snow yesterday and will have it AGAIN on Friday and possibly AGAIN on Sunday! WOW! This is FAB-U-LOUS for snow pack in the mountains and water supply for this year, but, MAN, I am tired of being COLD.

So….. I thought I’d scrapbook a couple of summer pages to try to warm up. I am still COLD, but I feel more cheerful about it!

This is a 2 page digi layout of my sweet baby, Sadie, and my two darling nieces, Megan and Jaylee. Sadie LOVES to chase the water from a hose. She will whine and howl when you’re watering the lawn/flowers/garden until you completely DOUSE her with the hose. She is the funniest thing to watch… she attacks and chases the water. If it’s just a trickle she will look at you with her sweet puppy eyes until you put it on full blast. It doesn’t matter where she is in the yard… once she hears the water turn on she is on that hose!

summersplash2page-6636790{Click on photo for a larger view}

Most supplies are from the free {HUGE} digi kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs that I received in Jessica Sprague’s Now We’re Rockin’ Photoshop class. The torn paper template is by K. Pertiet. The circle template is from Jessica Sprague.

The journaling reads, “Oh the joys of summer… Playing at Uncle Brent and Aunt Erin’s house with Saidie and the water hose. There’s nothing like a spray down and a soak and a roll in the soft green grass.”

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