Thoughts for , errr, Friday :)

Thoughts for , errr, Friday :)

I am a slacker on Thoughts for Thursday… truth is, this week I have been a busy girl.

Ready for the excuse list? LOL! J/K! Seriously, though… I’ve been cleaning my studio (it’s a royal heap again), and going through financial files for taxes… ewwwwww…, working at my “day” job, trashing the old Stamper Storage store and completely reprogramming it to a new shopping cart (because the old one just would not work, and you can’t launch a store when the shopping cart refuses to work) and painting. I helped my friend, Trish, paint her entire upstairs (going back tomorrow for more fun), and today I started painting my main bathroom.


My main bathroom on the first floor has been a hideous minty toothpaste green for years and years, when I’m in there I feel like Im in a tube of toothpaste, and I finally decided it HAS TO GO, so today I grabbed a bucket of paint from my project in the guest room and slapped some beautiful milk chocolate colored paint on a wall to see if I’d like it. I am going to repaint anyway..might as well try a color I already had, and if it worked then I’m only out elbow grease! Well, it worked… and now I have a partially painted bathroom… it kind of looks like an Andes mint… LOL! Brent wants to strip out all of the caulking and take the big honkin mirror down off the wall (if we can) so we can put a nice frame around it and dress it up a bit. So for now, I have my Andes mint bathroom and I will be happy knowing that it’s a work in progress.

Today’s “Thoughts for Thursday” is a cool quote from William Longgood, an author and journalist. (Click on his name for more really cool quotes on dreams.)

“ Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. ”

Sometimes our dreams take a little longer than we planned. Sometimes things get in the way (like that danged shopping cart problem) that are out of our control. When we put a little elbow grease to the wheels and keep on trucking, that’s when dreams start to take shape. Without dedication, dreams go nowhere.

Here’s to your dreams coming true!

Inky Smiles!

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