Nine Years, Baby!!

Nine Years, Baby!!

Last night we snuck away for a train ride and hoedown dinner/dance trip up in Heber City on the Heber Valley Historic Railroad for an anniversary celebration… mooocho fun and a much needed break! Our anniversary was Thursday and we were incredibly busy with work and tracking down tile and supplies for the flooring and preparing to to tile (but that’s another post). I am sneaking away from installing hardibacker board (subflooring) so I can quickly do this post…. shhh!

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The train ride was a blast! It was so nice to spend an evening with my sweetheart… away from projects, work and business. We were able to just kick back and relax. We enjoyed a yummy dutch oven dinner and music and square dancing at a platform station. The fresh and cool mountain air was so refreshing.

In 1999 I married the most amazing man in the universe! I am forever in debt to my sister for setting me up on “one last blind date”… Brent is amazing. I can not fully put into words how I feel about my sweet husband. He is kind, unselfish and loving. He is handsome and tender. I can not imagine being married to anyone else. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing me the gift of this wonderful man!

Happy {belated} Anniversary, Brent! I Love You!

7 thoughts on “Nine Years, Baby!!

  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary. It is so nice to read about couples that are in love. I have been with my sweetheart for 42 years. Nancy P.

  2. Congratulations! It’s always so much fun to read about couples who not only stay together but hold on to the magic. I’ve been married 30 years, and it seems like it was only yesterday. I’m glad you had such a fun, special day!

  3. HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!! Wow. Can’t believe it’s been 9 years! Just think next year you hit the double digits! lol What an awesome way to celebrate. Erik and I hit 11 years on August 2nd, and I’m sure we won’t be doing anything nearly as cool as that. You guys are an awesome couple! 🙂

  4. Congrats on 9 years!! Yes, you are very lucky to have found a husband that still makes your heart skip a beat when you see him! AWESOME! (I feel the same way about mine 20 years later!)Looks like the train ride was wonderful!

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