It’s All About Numbers…. A Guessing Game

It’s All About Numbers…. A Guessing Game

kitchen1-9694188Well, we’re making a HUGE DENT in the house projects and this means I am that much closer to getting back to paper crafting, which I am MISSING IMMENSELY!!! The walls in the basement are patched and drying. The carpet has been re-stretched in the family room and some of the office furniture has been moved from upstairs back down into the family room. (We still have to put the baseboard trim back up, but it was 11 pm when we’d finished stretching the carpet and couldn’t run the air compressor.) We need to finish repairing the walls and retexture them and then PAINT… and then we’ll work on replacing the flooring down there and hopefully soon we can be back to normal!

The tile is done in the kitchen and the front bathroom is started, YAthesupervisor-1574218Y! We spent the weekend pushing ourselves hard to get the old flooring ripped out (along with 8 zillion staples from the old subfloor under the vinyl) and hauled to the dump, then we spent a full day prepping and laying down a new Hardibacker subfloor and two days laying out and setting the tile. We’re beat! Our furry little supervisor didn’t even break a sweat! Must be nice!!

supervisor2-3234604Our wood flooring that was supposed to be here the first week of August is going to be here TOMORROW… sometime tomorrow. We’re three weeks not ready for it.. YIKES! Talk about some EXCELLENT customer service! We bought the flooring from and so far we’ve had a good experience. I’ll let you know the final results once the flooring actually shows up.
So, this brings me to the Guessing Game….. I was at the Provo Craft Outlet Store in Orem after work one day last week and picked up a couple of fun things to give away. I picked up some ArtAccentz glitter/mini beads/microbeads by Provo Craft & some “ready to bling out” double sided stickers by Making Memories and I had some packs of American Crafts Velvet Thickers on hand… fun, fun, fun!!

AND……. HOLY MOLY BATMAN! I logged on to write this post and this is what I saw… check out the lower right hand side… THANK YOU READERS & FRIENDS! WOWZA!!!!

Now back to our regular programming….

Here’s how you can take a chance at winning….. I will choose the winners on Wednesday night after we’ve had some time to recover from the chaos….

Leave a comment on this post with your guesses for the following questions:

1.) What time will the wood flooring arrive?
2.) How much does my shipment of wood flooring weigh (US pounds)?

I have two prizes to give…

This one goes to the person who guesses the closest TIME:

timeprize-4144185This one goes to the person who guesses the closest WEIGHT:


17 thoughts on “It’s All About Numbers…. A Guessing Game

  1. Hmmm I think the flooring will arrive at about 11:30am early enough to be bothersome right LOL Lordy how much does it weigh?? Now that is certainly a hard question….I will guess at 297#. I have never played this kind of a game before doll LOL Thanks for telling us at PScrapers about your game.

  2. I guess that the flooring will arive at 2:05 in the afternoon. I am not sure about the weight of the flooring, but I will guess 750 lbs. No clue on the weight at all. I am hoping that your work goes smoothly and let us know how hard it is to install. Thanks for the updates. I am sorry this happened to you and your family.

  3. 1.) What time will the wood flooring arrive? I’m going to guess 8:35 a.m. because if it is shipping early it will probably arrive early in the morning too.2.) How much does my shipment of wood flooring weigh (US pounds)? 2000 pounds

  4. I think arrival time will be 9:10, and the weight will be 310 pounds. Thanks for the challenge! Linda

  5. Hmmm…I’ll play. I think the flooring will arrive at 1:11 pm and weigh 582 lbs. LOL. Have fun with that. Hope it turns out perfect!!!

  6. I am guessing the floors will arrive at 11:00 A.M., but I seriously have NO clue how much wood floors weigh, but I will guess about 450 lbs. Have fun! I bet it will all look marvelous when you are finished!

  7. wow, you guys have been busy, I’m tired just thinking about it, but I bet you will be thrilled when it is done. I am guessing the flooring will show up around 9:30 am, and will weigh around 463 lbs.Thanks for thinking of us, when you have so much going on.

  8. Your flooring will arrive at 1:23pm and I have no idea how much that would weigh, but I’ll guess 625 lbs. Good luck with all of your remodling.

  9. I’m going to say your flooring is going to arrive at 1:50 p.m. and that it’ll weigh 562 lbs…Don’t know where I came up with either of those, but it’s my best guess! Thanks for the chance to win! Linzi (

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