Spent some time in the house this weekend and we’re making progress on the basement, starting with my studio! Thought I’d share a few pics of the progress….

Repair the walls, texture and prime the new sheetrock patches, then paint, paint, paint! Thank goodness Brent can cut in without taping off the other walls. Saved us tons of time! I finally decided on the right green. Brent picked out “Artichoke” by Behr @ the Home Depot. It went on kind of pastel-ish (and had me nervous), but dried nicely.

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Today, after church, we started working on the wood (maple) floors and got most downstairs done. We just have the hallway to finish tomorrow. Since the wood is in the basement, we had to install a “floating” floor and glue each piece (tongue and groove) and then tap it into place and secure with tape until it’s nice n dry tomorrow.

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Tomorrow I will paint the trim out in the workshop and bring in it when B comes home and we’ll install the trim and work on bringing in my desk and setting up the studio again. I’m going to take it slowly and do some dejunking/purging as I begin the set up process. We also have to frame in the window with some nice trim moulding and build a new window sill. Perhaps, if I have time, I will start on the curtains…

4 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Whooo hoooo! More progress is being made. I’m very excited for you. The color looks great as do the floors. Have fun setting up your “new” space!!

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