Pull The Car Over Please… The Rest Of The Story

Pull The Car Over Please… The Rest Of The Story

Well, kids, it’s time to pull the car over and let me out (of direct sales that is)…… I said goodbye on the CTMH consultant bulletin boards… and here’s the rest of the story.

Let me give a little background…

img_5496-9150617For Christmas 2006, Brent built a FABULOUS Christmas present for me. It was a wooden storage unit to house my CTMH Markers and Stamp/Ink Pads. I showed it off to a bunch of girls on the CTMH consultant bulletin boards because I was SO EXCITED to finally have a solution to permanently store my inks in my scrap area. Within hours I started receiving emails from girls asking if Brent would make them one. I think we received well over 100 emails in a week. So, Brent started pricing out how to make them en mass and we started making a few for people who were uber axious to own what we now called an InkStak ™. To make a long story short, Brent got so busy with the business of making InkStaks that he decided to start his own business. Here we are in July, going strong (we’ve made some REALLY COOL custom Staks, too) and coming up with more and more ideas for fabulous products.

Last Friday, June 29th, 2007, was my last day as a CTMH Consultant. Over the past several months I have received several emails from their corporate office demanding that I “take down my other Non CTMH website”. Also, according to their consultant agreement (which I DID agree to waaay back when), Stamper Storage is competition to them & no spouses should not sell or be owners of businesses selling competing products. (Slap, slap goes the ruler on my knuckles!) I think they fully expected to be able to convince me to have Brent take down his website and close his business. Uhm… not going to happen dear friends, that is not fair to ask of him.

So, with impending CTMH doom (aka HOLD status as a consultant), I hereby hang up my CTMH hat and move on to bigger and better things. Thank you for the memories, CTMH, I hold them close to my heart.

Goodbye CTMH.

~ Memory Trends, CHA, here I COME (eventually…)!!

~ New and fabulous products to enhance your creativity with paper crafting from various manufacturers and organizational products to store your stash in. I’ve got piles of manufacturer catalogs and accounts being set up. AND… I recently toured the American Crafts facility in Orem. You will not believe the awesome products they offer… (ok, maybe you will, but I was sure thrilled with my FREEEKIN cool Goodie Bag)… THICKERS, RUB-ONS, FABULOUS PAPER, Chipboard elements and RIBBON… ooooh la la!!! Maya Road.. you should see their AWESOME alterable chipboard items… *droool, droool*……….. Oh my, big plans in the making…. gotta start small.. haha!

~ Stay tuned for a new division of Stamper Storage!!!

14 thoughts on “Pull The Car Over Please… The Rest Of The Story

  1. Erin,Lovin’ my RibbonStak here in Canada. Can’t wait to save some $$ for an InkStak too. Love the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens…” run through that door girlfriend! Good luck with your new venture, I know you’ll be super successful.

  2. Good luck with everything, Erin! I think you definitely made the right decision. Your stamp pad holders are very inovative and there is definitely a need for it. Good luck! Can’t wait to see what else you have planned!

  3. Erin,Sorry to hear that you are leaving CTMH. I always loved looking at your artwork. Definately made the right decision though! Wishing you the best of luck. Thanks too for your comments on my blog! I’m glad to know there are people visiting, especially someone as talented as yourself.Erin G

  4. I’m so sorry corp requested that your hubby take down the site. How is it competing with them if they’re not even offering something like that???? It complements their stuff!!! *sigh* Unless they’re coming out with something soon that does compete with it. Oh well. Good luck with your new venture!! I can’t wait until I’ve saved up enough money to buy the ink storage and ribbon storage I want and to see what else you come up with!!

  5. What?!!! I can not believe that you have left CTMH. Your amazing talent will be missed on the bulletin boards, though, I am excited about your new adventure!!! Good luck!!!! I hope you keep in touch!!!

  6. Erin I’ll never understand certain things Corp does but Kudos to you Kiddo! Best of luck to you and Brent on your new adventures! You know how to keep in touch :o)Love ya babe!

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