RAndom RAK winner!

RAndom RAK winner!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I promised to announce the Random RAK winner today … so here we go!

I got my hair cut and colored last Thursday. I wanted RED highlights in my hair, (originally I wanted somethign REALLY wild.. just a chunk of hot pink or purple peeking out from under everything – Brent nixed that pretty quick, loL!) but we (my hairdresser and I) settled on a golden color, but then I didn’t like it, so we put RED back in over it and well, it turned sort of an Orangey-Red color.

img_90504web-7104555I’m still deciding if I like it or not. The color is only in the front of my hair.. nothing in the back where it’s all crazy and wild. I figure that you have to give new hair color more than a couple of days to get used to it… well…. I m still not sure. I might be calling my sweet hairdresser tomorrow to add a little more dark back in and cover up some of the Orange Red color. It’s fun having a “punk rocker do” as my sis calls it.. I’ve had wild hair for a while now since I went short last year… but the color’s a little funky! LOL!

Here’s some silly pics I took in my new brown bathroom on Saturday:

img_91144web-1337390 img_91164web-7689404 img_91244web-3247173

The winner of our Random RAK challenge is:

Nona Pearl

Nona, please send me an email with your mailing address and I will pop these in the mail to you!

Thanks for playing everyone! I’ve enjoyed reading the posts and checking out your do’s from Sanjaya to Hot Pink! 🙂

Inky Smiles!

5 thoughts on “RAndom RAK winner!

  1. WOW!!! Yay – I’m so excited! Thank you Erin!Love your hair by the way. It looks great, and I think you should keep the red. It’s hip! I’ve been inspired to scrap my “bald” prom pictures. I’ll work on that today and send you a link when it’s posted.Thanks again! What a fun challenge!Nona

  2. Erin-I LOVE your hair cut!!!! SO TOTALLY cute. I too went short but the end of last year. I’m LOVING it!!! I think your color is GREAT too!! Don’t add dark yet. Give it a bit. I have ‘blonde’ hair. It was always ‘strawberry blonde’ until I started getting gray–then everyone said it was blonde–well until they got up real close-anyways now it’s whatever color my hairdresser puts in there-teeheehee. She’s been putting purple, yes, PURPLE in the way back. I can’t see it so I don’t care. LOL My daughter hates it! It’s not much really and I THINK she just says it to be a, well, teenager. But let me tell you what, I get MORE compliments on my hair and style then I EVER have. Just go with it for a while. What does your husband think???

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