Sadie’s Card : Spruced up a bit…..

Sadie’s Card : Spruced up a bit…..

I sat staring at Sadie’s card this morning before work and decided it still needed a little something….. (no, I’m not really gonna give it to her… just made one in honor of her bday.. hehe, I m not THAT crazy!)

And when I got home, a neighbor, who’s moving, left a big fat box on my front porch full of her craft stuff that she didn’t want and thought I could use…. WEll…. at the very bottom of the box I found this TREASURE… two of these TREASURES!!!!

It’s the freeking hugest bottle of this stuff and I have two of them! I am NEVER going to run out of it! WAHOO!!!! It’s the predecessor (sp?) of LIQUID GLASS and Dimensional Elements and Diamond Glaze stuff…. I THINK… LoL!!! Anyway, it also had this way cool fine metal tip in the bag that goes on the tip of the applicator so you can draw SUPER FINE lines… I had soooo much fun with it tonight.

Here’s the sprucing up I did on Sadie’s card:picture001copy-7404777

2 thoughts on “Sadie’s Card : Spruced up a bit…..

  1. Such a pretty card!!! I love the extra touches you added with the Crystal Lacquer (although I really wanted to call it Liquid Glass!! LOL)Remember when you made your jam and I asked you for the recipes?? Well, I posted my raspberry/peach one I told you I would on my blog, if you would like it!! Enjoy!!

  2. Way cute card, Erin… Sadie’s a lucky dog – I don’t create cards for my dogs…it would totally consume me!! Hee-hee!! I’m loving all of the layers!!~ Susan

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