Sketch Challenge {004}: Kate Is Beautiful Layout

Sketch Challenge {004}: Kate Is Beautiful Layout

Amaryllis sent me this layout that she made based on my Sketch {004} which was intended to be a card LO…. how cool is that??? (I think we’re noticing a pattern here with A…) AND… she made the flourishes herself with her Craft Robo. This is a really cool layout!! She used Basic Grey papers, acrylic paint, and Liquid Glass (CTMH), and CTMH inks.

lar00008734-4702627Amaryllis was very creative in cutting the flourish with her CRobo. She wasn’t able to get it to read the digital file that the flourish was in, so she printed the flourish, scanned it back into her computer, and created her own digital image for CR to print. How creative!!!

I couldnt resist snapping up these photos. Kate applied the makeup in my studio when they were visiting and A and I were creating something. LOL! Great job for a 2 1/2 yr old!!!! What you didn’t get to see in this LO is the SECOND application of makeup… hahaha….

Note to self: Do not give 2 1/2 yr olds a full sized pink colored chapstick. Chapstick disappears rather quickly… hmm, about 3 mins I’d say…

4 thoughts on “Sketch Challenge {004}: Kate Is Beautiful Layout

  1. ROFL!!!yeah, chapstick and 2 year olds don’t mix! THanx for posting this. Eventually I will get the journaling done, don’t hold your breath for it, though. LOL. Just an FYI, MK’s eye make-up remover works well on walls too.. Hearts,A

  2. Beautiful LO! Such a neat flourish. Never heard of the Craft Robo before, but now I’ll have to investigate! LOLErin, you probably could use strawberries and strawberry Jell-O instead of the raspberry in that jam recipe. If you try it that way, let me know how it turned out and maybe I’ll have to do it someday too!! My mom actually made it with the frozen berry mix from Costco. I don’t know how that turned out, but it sounds good!!

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