Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card Set #6

Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card Set #6

Sadly, we are at our last set of Scrap My Scraps Cards… I have enjoyed this challenge IMMENSELY. It’s been so fun to see what each player comes up with using the same pieces. It’s fun to see each person put a little of themselves into each project.

I will be doing another Scrap My Scraps Challenge in the next couple of months with different papers. If you would like to participate please leave a comment on one of the SMS posts and I will contact you when we’re getting ready to play again. I will mail you the card “guts” packet and you get to keep the cards. All you need to do is send (email) me the photos of your finished cards.

Here’s Card Set #6

The “Rules”:

1. Create one card from each layer stack thingy.
2. Use ALL of the pieces that go to each card.
3. Use any stamps to complete cards.
4. You may add one piece of extra cardstock to the card and any extra embellishments.

(More like guidelines, really….)

The Players:

Alisha Trussell
Jeanne Tomshack
Kathi Carlson

We started with:
Leftovers from the CTMH Cocoa Cafe promotional paper pack. I have gobs of this stuff! It’s sure to make an appearance again sometime.


My Original Card:
My card was super simple. You can’t really tell from the pic but the stamped sentiment has glitter on the edges of the “ice cubes”… It also has an old watermark on it from when I was a consultant. That link is dead and gone. I couldn’t find the original card, but did find the original picture of it! My card has a similar layout to Jeanne’s.


Kathi’s Card:
One of Kathi’s signatures in her design style is birds. I love how Kathi is able really make birds work. Ilove this bird in the “rushes”. It makes me think of laying on a creekbed listening to water rush by while the birds sing in the bushes.


Jeanne’s Card:
I love Jeanne’s embossed background and flowers. If you look closely (click on image for a larger view) you can see that Jeanne has taken a spacer “bead” for jewelry making and flattened it out and added a brad to the center to bling out the flower. The embossing on the flowers and the background give it kind of a lacey “filigree” look. I love it!


Alisha’s Card:
Alisha and Kathi must have had the same brainwave again… They have similar layouts for their cards with similar themes… Alisha’s is missing the bird, but has the organic stamp! I love the bow and the simple sentiment…. Enjoy Life {and Alisha, it looks like you found your missing bamboo piece… lol!}


Hope you enjoyed this round of Scrap My Scraps! See you soon!

Inky Smiles!

9 thoughts on “Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card Set #6

  1. Another enjoyable post with awesome artwork! I love all the cards and that purple is a winner with me.
    Thanks so much ladies, I can't wait till you do this again!

  2. Wowzers! These are some great cards! Love Kathi's and Alisha's versions.

    Sarah, you TOTALLY need to do this challenge! I say ask her, Erin!

    Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of the fun! I'd be willing to do it again, if you need a player. But if you want new players only, I'm fine with that, too.

  3. I would love to be a part of your next scraps challenge. Please add me to your list. I missed the beginning of this one as my puter died but now I have a brand new one and am ready to play!!!

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