Scrap My Scraps Challenge II – Players Needed

Scrap My Scraps Challenge II – Players Needed

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Hey friends!

Remember when I did the Scrap My Scraps challenge last year?  We had some fabulous fun with that one and I wanted to do it again, but haven’t really dug into my scrap heap quite yet.  However, I made a card recently using some paper that I was not “overly fond of” and have gobs left…

Here’s the card with some snippets of the paper on it:


What you also don’t see is the purple collection that came with it.

But, if you’re one of the lucky few who want to do this project with me you will get to see the purple collection soon enough 🙂

Here’s how this game will work:

1)  You leave a comment and tell me if you’re interested in playing.   Then email me with your mailing address.  Please do not leave your address in the comments section.  I have enough papers for 6 {SIX} players this round.

2)  You create some items using the papers that I send you (see #3).   I am only sending papers this time, no embellishments, so the sky is the LIMIT on what you do with this paper.

3) You must use ALL (meaning each piece) of the papers on at least one or more projects which can be cards, layouts, altered something or other, whatever… as long as you use at least 50% of the paper that you receive 🙂  You must use EACH piece of paper somehow and each piece must be visible.  😛  This does not mean you have to use all the pieces on one card… just somehow show something using each of the pieces of papers.

Your packet will contain 6 {SIX} pieces of paper all measuring about 4.25” x 5.5” or so.

4) I will mail out the packets after I return from Creative University around March 4th or 5th.  You will have 2 weeks to put together your projects.

5)  Please email me photos of your projects and I will post them on my blog.  After they are posted on my blog with the group, feel free to post them on your blogs as well. 🙂

So that’s it… pretty easy… just use the papers I send and have fun doing what you want with them!

~Inky Smiles!

8 thoughts on “Scrap My Scraps Challenge II – Players Needed

  1. Hey, GF – I get to do something interactive with you? I'm all over it! (Can we play “build a bracelet” sometime, too?) Just kidding (not really – just kidding about the just kidding. No, really – just kidding…) Anyway, I'm sending my snail mail via email – hope you're having fun at CU!

  2. I would love ot play! Pick me! Pick ME!! I wil lsend you my address. THanks for this opportunity. I might actually scrap outside the box!

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