Scrap My Scraps Challenge II: Reveal #3 Amanda DesJardins

Scrap My Scraps Challenge II: Reveal #3 Amanda DesJardins

Sorry for the delay in posting this third reveal.  I’m back on track now and just waiting for one more set of treats to come in via email.  One player is unable to play this time due to family things and another did not receive their package in the mail.  It was returned to me because I had the wrong address. argh.  Anyway… We will have one more reveal after this one.

I also need to apologize because I failed to show you what all our players are starting with.

Here’s a snapshot of what they received in their envelopes.  They received one note from me with the guidelines and six pieces of paper.  They all received the exact same amount of paper but the sizes may have been different for the patterned papers.  Everyone received the same patterns.


And now…

for our third SMS II Reveal  we have some delights from the fabulous Amanda DesJardins!

Amanda told me she was surprised how much paper she could actually use and ended up with very little left over!  You can see in her fabulous cards that she used nearly ALL the paper she received.

Check out these darling butterflies!! I love them!  And there’s a teeeny weeeny little butterfly hovering over the sentiment, too!

Amanda used loads of paper on this cute little card, too!  She also stamped Thanks on the patterned paper, cut out gift images, and used rhinestones to highlight the main sentiment.


I LOOOOVE how the purses are on “parade” in this card!  And by inking the edges of the scraps of background paper she added some nice dimension!


A ROUND card!  LOVE IT!  I am so challenged when it comes to “shape” cards.  I love that Amanda thought out of the box and created a shaped card!  (I know there’s one coming up in the SSD sketches and I’ve got some great inspiration now!)


Thank you Amanda for your FABULOUS cards!

~Inky Smiles!

5 thoughts on “Scrap My Scraps Challenge II: Reveal #3 Amanda DesJardins

  1. You Miss Erin, the more I look at this challenge and the more I look at my scraps…..I realize what a GENIUS idea this “Scrap my Scraps” really is!

    I think I may start this up with my clubs, just so I can get rid of some of my scraps!

    Have a Happy Easter!

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