{Seven} Favorite Things

{Seven} Favorite Things


It’s been a really wonky week (more later) and I was feeling somewhat bummed on Tuesday morning and I got a comment from my blog via email that became a bright spot in my day : )

Charlene from Scrapcircus gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award earlier this week… Thank you Charlene!! BTW, you gotta check out Charlene’s awesome paper pieced scrapbook pages. I LOVE her witty captions and titles and whimsical layouts!

SOoOoOoooo the tag is the “7 Favorite Things” tag… Here we go (in no particular order except #1) with 7 of my favorite things (so hard to pare down!):

1) Brent & Sadie {aka My Family} & doing anything with them
2) Photography & My Camera
3) Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis {I’m.such.a.geek}
4) Being Creative {creating things by hand and decorating}
5) The color RED
6) Thunder & Lightning Storms and the smell of RAIN
7) Laughter

I am nominating the following (more than 7.. buwahaha!): Nona Davenport, Kathi Carlson, Sparkle Smith, Renee, Juliet A, Sonja, Amaryllis Briggs, Jeanne Tomshack, and Michelle Durheim.


Ok girls… list your 7 fav’s on your blog and go tag some bloggers… You can click on the award graphic to save a larger size one for your blog.

Last night I made an “about me” photo page for a friend of mine who’s daughter is applying for a college scholarship… Here’s a snippet of the header… I had a lot of fun creating the masks for the letters and capturing the photos of Jordan.. Good luck Jordan! 🙂

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