Simple Christmas: Brownie Box Slipcover – Tutorial

Simple Christmas: Brownie Box Slipcover – Tutorial

Hello!  This morning I had an email from a friend asking me if I had seen a particular template she had been looking for “a slipcovered brownie mix” or something like that… I did a little searching and found nothing but I remembered that some mixes we bought from Lehi Roller Mills last year had “slipcovers” on them.  So this morning I set out to create my own template.  This is a simple tutorial. I shot from the hip and just snapped photos as I went (on top of the mess I’m currently working on) which explains the messy photos.

Here’s what I came up with.  Lou Faye, I hope this helps!

Slip Covered Brownie Box Gift

This slipcover was measured to fit a Betty Crocker Brownie mix.  I am sure it will work for other similar size cake and cookie mixes.  If not, it is VERY EASY to alter this slipcover… just adjust the score lines.

What you will need:

Your brownie mix box
A scoring tool (I’m using my ScorePal)
Paper Trimmer
Decorative Paper, Stamps, Stickers, Ribbons, Embellishments, etc, to decorate your box

Step 1

Cut two pieces of cardstock to 8”x7 5/8”.  Mark the 8” side with a pencil (a little tick or x will do) so you know which side it is.   Turn the cardstock so that the 8” side runs horizontally.


Step 2

Measure from the left side of the page, not the score lines.  Starting from your left, score at 3/4” and then again at 6 1/2”.    Repeat on second piece of cardstock.   You may fold your cardstock now or wait until later. {I fold mine now and check the fit by wrapping the pieces around the box.}

Tip: Did you know that when you fold a scored paper that the valley you created by pressing down and scoring should be on the OUTSIDE of the fold? This is because you have already “stretched out” the paper.  Folding it on the inside of the fold can cause the fold line (on the outside) to tear and look yucky.


Step 3

At this step I start to decorate my slip cover.  Determine which piece will be your “front” and position it so that the folded edges face AWAY from you.  (I had to cut a new piece for this shot because I dropped my stamp on my paper… keepin’ it real here, keepin’ it real!)

Decorate your front how you’d like.  Here I have stamped a Christmas sentiment from the CTMH stamp set, D1440 “Everlasting Life” in CTMH Cranberry Ink. And then I decided it needed a little bling so I pulled out my Sakura Star Dust glitter pen and highlighted the flourished words with it.



Step 4

Lay out your cover pieces like this..


Apply adhesive to the FRONT side of the 3/4” side of the front piece. (clear as mud?)



Steps 5 & 6

Step 5 -Join your pieces like this by laying the wide piece of the back cover over the 3/4” piece of the front cover.  I forgot to take a pic of it so you’re seeing the next “step”.

Step 6 – Apply adhesive to the FRONT of the 3/4” piece of the BACK cover. (clear as mud again? LOL!)

Dang, those brownies are making me hungry….


Realize you’ve run out of adhesive when your tape snaps off 1’” from the top of the cardstock… pull out your super sticky red tape cuz you’re too lazy to change the ATG tape and finish applying adhesive.  {Told you, keepin’ it real here!}


Step 7

Fold the box so that the wide piece of the FRONT attaches to the 3/4” piece of the BACK.  Press to adhere.


Step 8

With both hands, begin sliding the slipcover over the box.  My slipcover fit very snugly on the box and took both hands to gently work the cover down the box. I might increase the score lines by about 1/16” inch next time.



Step 9

Now it’s time to embellish a little.  Look to your left at your mess of ribbons {which you took out of your RibbonStack and put in a giant basket to tote with you somewhere and never made it back in your RibbonStack} and pull out something festive. I decided to go simple and just tie a ribbon around the box.


Not bad, but it could use a little more bling… Let’s try adding a fabric strip and some fru fru glitter foliage.   MUCH BETTER!



Or print a cute little tag like this on some cardstock and layer it up on the front of the box.  You can download a full sheet of labels HERE.  Please note these are for PERSONAL use only. Do not redistribute.


There’s all kinds of ways you could dress up your slipcover!  Tie a spoon or whisk to the ribbon and put it all in a bowl, tie on some berries or twigs for an earthy look, or attach a handmade ornament.  The possibilities are endless!  Let me know if you create a slipcover box! I would love to see what you come up with!

Inky Smiles!

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