Sketch Challenge {003} Entries… VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Sketch Challenge {003} Entries… VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Ok, ladies! Here they are!!!! I received some FABULOUS artwork!! Now, it is up to YOU {Viewer’s Choice) to choose the winner.

Here’s what you do:
* Check out all the entries.
* Vote for the one you like the best by the name on the photo.

* Votes = a comment left on THIS POST by a UNIQUE user.

(for example… you may post a comment and say “I’m voting for XXXX” If you’d like to say what you love about your choice, please do. I am sure these artists would love to “hear” what you love.)

* You may vote for yourself ONCE.
* I can not change your vote. Once you vote, it’s final.
* Voting ends on Friday, August 17th at 8:00 pm (MST)
(Winner will be announced later that evening.)




And this prize package (pp’s are better than blog candy) will go to the winner!

10 pages (2 each of 5 designs) of Cloud 9 Cardstock (Ben’s Summit Collection)
1 pkg of Cloud 9 This n’ That Epoxy Stickers (Ben’s Summit Collection)
18″ each of 5 Cloud 9 Paper Ribbon Stickers (Ben’s Summit Collection)
1 pkg of CTMH Winter Beads (retired)
1 CTMH Mini Inkpad w/Silver Hinges & Brads Packet
1 CTMH Braggin Tags Album
1 pkg of American Crafts Chipboard Thickers (Hatbox)

If you win, I wanna see what you make with your loot


119 thoughts on “Sketch Challenge {003} Entries… VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

  1. Very tough choice. These are all great, but I am in love with the techniques on Enjoy your karat, so that is the one I will vote for.

  2. I love Korin’s Jolly Old St. Nick, it is just a great composition all the way around!And I have I no idea about identities, but this is Kimberly Wiltse signing in as anonymous!Love ya, Erin!

  3. I think everybody did a great job on the cards. But the one that catches my eye most is Korin’s. I love the colors, simplicity and especially the distressing! I hope I can make cards like that when I grow up!! (LOL)

  4. Wow, you’re really asking a lot to make us choose just one! They’re all terrific, but I’m going to pick Michelle’s cute little pocket full of posies.

  5. Erin, you ought to be ashamed of yourself making us pick just one! I had to look at them all a bazillion times then try to decide on just one … UGH! Okay … after thinking about them very hard I have to choose Korin. I love the soft watercolor look that she achieved with her coloring as well as the colors chosen for the card. I admire everyone for taking on the challenge and give us all some good eye candy :)!

  6. But I want a Karat, too!!!! I love the beaded wire and the embossed carrot. I vote for Liz. Cool challenge.

  7. I like them all, but I really like Korin’s Jolly Old St. Nick card. I like the color and and distressing….what a great card!

  8. I think all the cards are GREAT! Each one is unique! I am voting for <>KORINS<> What I like about it…. everything! The colors, the simplicity, the old world feeling with a modern twist…. just my kind of card! Good luck to all…. they really are great.

  9. I vote for Korin’s card. Ohhh it was hard to choose though, they are all great!! Korin, I love the sponging (or shading) you did on the card, especially around Santa. I also really liked the little bracket things you put on the corners of Santa and the phrase. A simple little thing, but it sure added something! That is one of those things I need to remember to do once and a while! Great cards everyone =)-Shannon

  10. I really like “The good life” by Michelle D. Just love how the flowers peek out of the Jeans pocket, it reminds me a lot of my teenagerhood 😉

  11. Everything really rocks; but I would like to vote for Allie G’s. Blue Skies. Simplicity has taken over and created a beautiful thoughtful layout – great job Allie – and of course everyone else as well!

  12. WOW! What great artwork! It’s hard to choose! I love all of them, BUT if you’re going to make me choose only one then it will be Michelle D’s The Good Life pocket. It just seems fitting for this time of year and is so darn cute! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful ideas & artwork!

  13. Hi, Erin. Love your new banner.Very tough to vote for just one.I’ll have to choose Allie’s. It’s a great composition.Janice Z, South Elgin, IL

  14. Oh, what a hard decision – these are all AWESOME!I’d have to vote for Sparkle’s – I just love the fun colors.Thanks everyone for sharing your great work!

  15. I personally love Kathy’s. . . they are all great however! If I had to vote 2nd it would be Korin’s which I know is appealing because the images are “new” and “fresh!”

  16. “The Good Life” by Michelle D. has my vote. I like the originality factor and I really like the casual style and color comgination.Jayme J.

  17. Wow! They really are all very nice pieces of artwork….I am in a Blue Sky mode (Allie), though – I love the L/O with the little airplanes in the background and the photos of the sky/clouds incorporated into it.Nice work everyone.

  18. Well, I think this was so much fun. I gotta say everyone did a great job.But, I was gonna be greedy, I wanted the BLOG CANDY, and you said I could vote for my own. But I can’t do it.I really liked the Good Life, by Michelle.Allie G.

  19. Erin, tough choice to narrow it down, but I would pick Kathy if I have to choose just one. Love the prize package too. You are the greatest!Robyn Jickling

  20. I’m going with The Good Life by Michelle D. I really like her color choices and I love the flowers in the pocket. This one just really called to me.

  21. Now that I am Back from Bear Lake and had a chance to see all, my vote is for Michelle D. Love the pocket. BTW in case anyone was wondering my card was inspired by Sparkle and her engagement. CONGRATS SPARKLE!!!

  22. i liked them all i think they all come from very talented ladies .. it was tough but i thought it was clever to put flowers in the pocket so i vote for michelle d

  23. The Good Life by Michele..although I liked them all this one really caught me….maybe because I’m into Shabby Chic and a bit rustic myself.

  24. I would like to vote for the “Congrats on your Karat” created by Liz Batty. This is so original. I love the play on words, what a adorable idea!

  25. Oh my gosh! Love Liz’s card!!! What a really cute Idea with the gold embossing powder, really makes you think about the gold wedding band. Really good idea.

  26. The striking blue in Allie’s work is so breath taking, makes me want to be there, looking up from the grass at the clouds. Good composition.

  27. This is my first time to your site, but I wanted to vote for “Congrats on your Karat”. I think it is unique because it isn’t your typical engagement congratulations. You look at the carrot and connect the karat – play on words. This makes you think. Any time you have to pause and think about a page or card makes the words much more meaningful. Good job to Liz!

  28. Hi Erin! All of the entries are great! I wish that I could vote for more than one. In the end, I vote for Kathy’s “delight” card. I love the colors and the fact that it’s an “all occasion” card…at least to me. 🙂Kristin

  29. I vote for Lizz’z Karat sinceI can’t vote for my own!! LOL That’s ok, I got a prize already. I saw erin a few weeks ago and picked up my very own Ink Stak!! It is sanded finally. Just waiting on DH to put it up… after i give it a coat of something…. YEah Mee!!GO LIZZZZZZ!!!!

  30. Amaryllis,Sheesh I’m blushing, from the go Liz, Thanks!! I’m jealous you got your stak. I have to paint before I am allowed to have mine. Erin has been riding my hide to get it done but there just isn’t enough time in the day. Hmmmm. Stop blogging maybe that woudl help. LOL!! Thanks for your vote.Liz

  31. I want my Vote to go to Allie G. and her Blue Skies!I’ve always loved that song and Allie is just so cool to come up with a layout using it.Jill

  32. I’m going for Sparkle 🙂 It definitely make me smile, thinking about relaxing and doing absolutely nothing!

  33. Wow, such a toss up between Kathy, Michelle D. and Cheryl! But I think I’m gonna have to go with Kathy, that paper set is one of my favs.

  34. I would like to know what the background is on the Karat Card. Is that cork or textured paper? It’s very interesting and had lots of texture, plus the beadwork is cocol.Karen

  35. I walk in the door early from work to surprise her and my wife says I better vote for her card or I’m sleeping in the dog house. What a greeting. So my vote is for the “KARAT”!! Really I would vote for it even if she wasn’t my wife, especially since I saw the real thing not just the picture. Duh me, I thought cork was for bulletin boards not scrapbooking, and the wire looks like stuff I use in my shop. Guess I know were to come for gadget stuff when I need it. Ouch elbow to my side, guess that means I better stay out of her scrapbooking junk. Go karat!

  36. I LOVE that Duct tape…but I guess I still have to stick with the most put together finished looking card…which was Korin’s Santa card.

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