Thanksgiving Goodness

Thanksgiving Goodness

Today I am grateful for William Bradford and the brave souls who left their homes in England (1607 and 1620) and came to start a new life in the New World. (I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before but anyway…) Brent is a direct descendant of William Bradford, in fact his grandfather is named William Bradford Grotegut in honor of him, Brent’s dad is William B Grotegut and Brent is actually William B Grotegut. Crazy, but cool.

Brent and I had a fabulous day. We slept in in the morning and got up and slowly starting making all the treats for the day. We only had Brent’s parents over for dinner this year… his brothers were scattered elsewhere for Thanksgiving.

I did a semi homemade dinner this year, meaning I didn’t make everything from scratch. Brent and I each have things we make each year… this year Brent made the stuffing, the turkey, peas n carrots, gravy, thawed out the rolls that Mrs Rhodes made, and the smashed spuds. YUM! I made a dutch apple pie, salad, ham, and green bean casserole. I’m very allergic to turkey and so we have a ham every year… I keep trying to get turkey completely out of my kitchen, but have not been successful yet. LOL! I made a yummy beverage by pouring Fresca over frozen strawberries… festive and delicious!

8a8b1-tdaytable34web-7753917d1a95-tdaytable44web-783102037afe-tdaypie4web-39127335ac76-tdaybev4web-6130393I snapped some photos of our dinner, but nobody would let me snap photos of them. (Brent’s parents are particularly bad about the whole “no photo” business… ergh!)

I didn’t go all out with fancy table decorations (candles, greenery, etc) this year… By the time we’d gotten most everything prepped and cooking I was sooo tired, so I just pulled out a festive table cloth and my china dishes for dinner and set Mr Turkey as a centerpiece. I do like to use my china to make dinner a little more “different than a normal meal”. 🙂

2b476-tdaytable14web-7256492 eacc3-tdaytable24web-6346203Hope you all had a wonderful day wherever you spent your Thanksgiving 🙂 Inky Smiles!

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  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy! That pie looks scrumptious! The girls like the bubbly strawberry drink. Steve likes the frozen strawberries. LOLSounds like you had a great day.

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