Thoughts for Thursday: Color Inspiration and a Challenge

Thoughts for Thursday: Color Inspiration and a Challenge

Today’s Thought for Thursday is about color. I know I did a color thought a while back, but while I was perusing the paint chip aisle for the right (tan/gold/green/steely blue something or other paint for the bathroom) at Lowe’s the other day my eye caught a cool looking brochure from Olympia Paint. (Dig the red wall on the cover!) I opened it up and started reading it and found these cool thoughts on color and inspiration…. (Italics added by me.)

“A soothing green. A commanding red. Color has no boundaries. No set rules. (But some good general guidelines.) It’s all about your own personal taste and inspirations. Just imagine the possibilities. A blue that captures the sunlight dancing on the sea. The deep yellow of a sunflower that makes you smile. Your choice of color sets the tone and begins the journey of creating a home project that speaks to you and about you.

Inspiration is all around you. Inspiration can come from so many different places. The world we live in. The objects that surround us. Everywhere we look, our world is filled with a palette of colors; from the warm, inviting shade of a room in candlelight, to the vivid tones of ripening fruit, to the cool colors of the seashore. Colors catch our eye. They spark ideas. They reflect moods. As you look at the colors of your world, choose those that help to create your own personal statement.

So what inspires you?”

32296-img_8671-9294055This is my newest color inspiration….. the colors make me feel alive and vibrant without being too “yaha”…

It came in the mail today, yahoo! (please ignore the fact that my pants are too big, yay, and I have no makeup on… lol!) I love the color combination… translated to CTMH colors I think it would be: Twilight-ish, Colonial White, Sweet Leaf and Cocoa/Chocolate combo. Not quite sure what it translates into for SU!

So …. LONG WINDED thought today… BUT here’s your challenge: Use this color combo and make a card or a layout and post a link to your art here in the comments section. I’d love to see what you come up with! I dug out some stuff tonight and I am off to try out my new paper piercing mat pack kit thingy and slot punch from SU! I’ve got a calendar page to do for a swap I signed up for and a couple other ideas rolling around in this noggin….. WAHOO!

Edited 11:20 PM 9/17/08: I’m in the studio playing with my craft stuff (nevermind that I’m working out of Rubbermaid totes and walking back and forth between the guest room and family room and laundry room where other things are stored – haha) and I think I’m coming up with something fun to share on Friday! I was talking to Jeanne about a “relatively simple” technique that I’ve never tried and we challenged ourselves to try it out this week…

7 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday: Color Inspiration and a Challenge

  1. I have to say who cares about they challenge (J/K), just check out that darling shirt and how stinking cute it looks on you. DARLING and I do love the color combo, some of my favorites, looks like the Good Times packet. If I’m a real go girl I get on that challenge but don’t count on it since I haven’t created in how long?

  2. Hey Erin, I found your blog by Google-ing something for the Womens Expo…very cute and fun! Feel free to check mine out if you want. I’ll keep checking back to see what fun things you are up to! ~Nichole Walker (from the ward 🙂

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