TILE & An Update

TILE & An Update

I have been asked a zillion times “When are you going to be done with your studio so we can see it?” I am so stoked for my new space, but it’s so crazy here, I really am not sure…. I will post updates along the way and when it’s ready I might just have to do a really cool giveaway from Stamper Storage 🙂 Here is the update I posted on a Yahoo Group….

“I’m SLOWLY working on the new studio…. Our Great Flood repair has turned into something of a small remodel of the house…. We figured that since we were all torn up (and we have insurance money to streeeeeetch with our elbow grease) we might as well keep tearing things up and make the changes that we’ve been wanting to make for a long time now. We’re currently in the middle of remodeling my master bathroom (new tub, new wall tile surround, new floor tile, faucets, mirror, etc) and are waiting for the floor trim (transition pieces) to come in off backorder. They’ve been on back order for a month now.. ugh! Once the trim pieces come in we can start and finish installing the hardwood on the main level (we’re ripping out all the carpet on the first floor). YAY!

I also have to wait for Brent to finish house stuff before he can build the new pieces of furniture for my studio. Part of my birthday present (pre flood) was a new piece of furniture/storage whatever for my studio. I’ve drawn up what I’d like him to build and once we get the bathroom done, he MIGHT be able to start it.. lol! Oh, and then there is the fact that I no longer have an InkStak.. lol… I sold mine. 🙂 We’re going to custom build a big huge monster one for above my workstation…. oh I have fun plans for the studio…

The studio is now painted a beautiful green (I think it’s Artichoke or Asparagus by Behr… B picked it out) and the trim is in and most of the floor is in and the big honkin desk is set up and I’m slowly getting reorganized. Hope to have some time this week to construct curtains for my window and
All of this craziness is happening right along with Brent working full time, me working part time and taking care of the house, AND both of us building InkStaks along the way. OH wait, and it’s harvest season, so I’ve been doing some canning and tending my garden. It’s absolute chaos here at our house… lol! (I don’t know how people do major remodels with children!!! It’s hard enough on a small one with two adults and a dog!) I still have three closets and two bedrooms on the main level to sort out and dejunk before we install the floors, too. It’s amazing how much extra stuff two people can accumulate after living 7 years in one place. Hehe!”

Here is what the studio looks like this morning… (photo take sitting in my closet… lol)…. supplies stashed away in buckets and bins awaiting their new homes…. More bins and a bookshelf still hiding around the corner.. ugh!

SO ANYWAY….. today we are making some major progress:

Today is TILE day in the bathroom. Brent just finished cutting and installing the concrete backerboard and is now preparing the mud (mastick, tile glue goop) to slather on the walls. WAHOO!

Last weekend we went to Lowe’s and spent over 2 hours wandering the tile section and bathroom faucets section….. We finally decided on tile (made a major change from what we originally planned) and I finally made up my mind on faucets…


We have had a couple of patterns for the tub surround laid out on our living room floor for the past week trying to decide on the pattern…. Here are the two we narrowed it down to:

We decided to go with #1. (They are the same color tiles, just crappy lighting…) It has the “subway/brick” pattern on the bottom in 6″ squares and then the same pattern in the trim to separate the 6″ tiles on the diagonal. We thought that it added more visual interest and looks less “industrial” (aka blah).

Now we just have to decide on a wall paint color… I am stuck. I don’t want the walls to look anemic by painting a tan that totally blends into the tile and I don’t want some “yaha” color on the walls, either. I made a shower curtain to fit the space and I don’t want to have to purchase a new one…. the curtain is a dark red with flowers all over it. It’s got rich golds and creams and greens and a hint of steely blue in the flowers… perhaps I should take I took a pic of it and you all can give me some expert advice!

Here are some pics… what do you think?

f9c5f-img_8635-4307068 4fcd4-img_8639-3991476

Brent is hollering that he needs my opinion so I better get going…..

2 thoughts on “TILE & An Update

  1. Erin, for starters…thanks for the nice comment on my blog. You’re so sweet! 🙂Thank you.Next, I see your concern re:bathroom paint, BUT, first let me tell you I LOVE the faucets you chose! Beautiful!! Back to the paint, shower curtain and walls…….I don’t know that I will be of ANY help to you. I LOVE that shower curtain. BEAUTIFUL!!! Just an idea….I don’t the size or set up of the bathroom but what about one red (burgundy–the red in the curtain) wall?? I had wanted an Americana room for the LONGEST time so when we moved into this house I decided to make the bathroom the kids shared (at the time) my Americana bathroom. ANyways, we painted ONE (large) wall this beautiful, rich burgundy red. It’t not a HUGE bathroom but it has SUPER high ceilings and high windows–it worked. I LOVED the color, LOVED the look. Since there is SO much red in the curtain I don’t think you could, or would want to anyways, paint the entire room red but maybe one accent wall so the browns to just blend in to the tile?? And maybe on the other walls a nice brown or gold from the curtain?? Just a thought….I’m SO a different shades of brown girl myself but I SO see what you mean about it just blending into the tile…you want it to ‘pop’.I KNOW you’ll come up with something GORGEOUS!! 🙂 And I, for one, CAN’T wait to see!!I’m hoping to remodel our bathroom and ‘remake’ our bedroom here pretty quick…still working on ideas. I’ll have to email you (as this is ALREADY SUPER LONG) some time and pick your brain for ideas too!! I love your style!!I’ll see you around!!! 🙂-S

  2. Wow, I say it every time, but what a project! I am so impressed with everything you guys have done so far, it’s looking great! When we bought our house, we had a little bit of work – mostly just tearing down hideous wallpaper and repainting and re-doing our stair ballisters – we did all this while basically living in our basement and with only two kids then – I can’t imagine doing a project of your size – that might have to wait until all kids are out of the house (yikes, about 20 years) – or maybe at least in school all day (that’s at least 6 years away) – oh, well! Anyway, thanks for sharing your pics, it’s been fun to keep track of your progress – good luck!

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