Thoughts For Thursday: Gratitude – Day Fifteen & Artwork

Thoughts For Thursday: Gratitude – Day Fifteen & Artwork

Today is day #15 for me on this journey. I have been keeping track of my daily gratitude and compiling it on my computer. I am having way too much fun thinking about my blessings… and it’s hard to choose just one per day to write down. Here’s where we’re at today:

Tonight I am going to visit some ladies for church and I am bringing them a fun little gift. Years ago when I was with CTMH, I received one of these in a swap or a buy in or something, I don’t remember. I liked them so much that I made hordes of the little guys to give to friends here and there. They are SUPER simple and inexpensive to make.

Materials Needed:
Blank notepads (3x5x3/8″) – I picked mine up in 6 packs at WalMart
12×12 paper cut into 3″x 10 3/8″ strips
Coordinating cardstock for embellishing
Coordinating ribbon
Stamps – I used “Give Thanks” from CTMH & Watercolor pencils.

8bc37-img_9416-7481913d897a-img_9417-8317903ae289-img_9421-3981450Decorate and embellish the front as desired and tie a ribbon around the flap… easy schmeasy and you have a cute little gift for a friend. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thoughts For Thursday: Gratitude – Day Fifteen & Artwork

  1. I’m so proud of you for following through on this project. I really like the notepads, too. I’m sure your ladies will love them.Have fun with your friends!

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