Thoughts for Thursday: Just do it!

Thoughts for Thursday: Just do it!

“Our doubts are traitors and makes us lose the
good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”

—William Shakespeare (1564-1616); Measure for Measure

I loooove this quote!!! Do you ever feel doubtful about something you want to try? This month, Brent has been talking about wanting to make candy and other assorted goodies for neighbor treat trays. I’ve been saying, “No, candy is too much of a pain and really hard to get it right”, and all the while B has kept bugging me about just doing it anyway, “Come on, it can’t be THAT hard.. you make caramels!” LOL!

Anyway… last night I was out at cleaning out the storage closets for our women’s group at church (we’re moving to a new church house in Jan). When I got home, I expected/hoped to be welcomed with the scent of something delicious cooking for dinner, but was welcomed by the scent of a butter and sugar syrup simmering on the stove. Brent was standing at the stove in his work clothes and apron stirring away when I walked in the door, getting ready to pour it out in the pan to cool. I guess when he was picking up my prescription at Wmart he was hit by an overwhelming urge to shop the candy making goods… LOL!

So go “pull a Brent”…. try something new this week! Don’t be afraid, just do it!

PS… The toffee is DELICIOUS! I had to cover it and hide it out in the garage so I wouldn’t be tempted…

2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday: Just do it!

  1. Great quote and Thought for Thursday! I think I AM doing something out of the ordinary this holiday season by all the knitting and crocheting I’m doing.I envy you (Brent) being able to make toffee. I HAVE tried in holidays past, but messed up several batches. Seems there’s this altitude thing where I live that affects the making of candy. I never could get the timing quite right. And there was one year I REALLY…R E A L L Y wanted to make toffee. So ENJOY it and your hubby’s inclination to try something new!

  2. he he – we need pics of B in his apron 🙂 LOL! Great for him on trying something new though! I am glad it worked out and glad you are enjoying it even if you had to hide it for now!

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