Thoughts for Thursday: Music – Symphony & Schmidt

Thoughts for Thursday: Music – Symphony & Schmidt

Music has always touched my soul. I played trumpet & baritone junior high through high school and trumpet in college. There’s something about playing in a concert band that just gets you right in your heart. I don’t know if it’s the feeling of being a small part of something so big and beautiful, the exhilarating feeling of playing powerful music, or the lack of oxygen in your brain because you’ve blown all your air into your instrument. I guess it doesn’t matter what it really is as long as the music touches your soul and makes you feel amazing.

Symphony: Remember when Brent and I went to the symphony back in January? We went to “see” Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”. While we were there the Symphony Guild was having a raffle ($5 per ticket) for a really cool cruise vacation. B and I thought we’d try and bought one ticket. A few weeks ago we got a phone call from the Symphony Guild lady. No, we did not win the cruise vacation (darn), but we DID win a pair of Season Tickets to the Utah Symphony – 18 performances!!!! WAHOOOO! We’ve been perusing the schedule and trying to decide which performances we’d like to attend. We have reserved seats on Saturday nights! How cool is that? Date nights on the Symphony! 🙂 hehe! We’re both a little stoked. I am glad that my sweet, hottie hubby enjoys music as much as I do.

(EDITED ) Schmidt: I was perusing some new tunes to add to my playlist in iTunes (to be played on Brent’s iPod classic) this morning (checking out YouTube first) and came across this FABULOUS piece by Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson. Jon’s an incredible pianist and Steven… wow… now I want to play the cello! (Seriously.. I’m going to see how much to rent a cello and try it out!) Jon plays classical, modern, and makes his own amazing mixes of classical and modern. I just checked his show calendar and he’s going to be in a town just north of us in July… and tickets are only $10!! I might just have to buy a pair!

Close your eyes, lean back in your comfy chair and relax for the next several minutes…. Love Story by Taylor Swift meets Viva la Vida by Cold Play:

Did that not LIFT your spirits or what? WOW. Simply AMAZING!!

Do you love music? Why or why not? What music inspires you?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday: Music – Symphony & Schmidt

  1. I think he was playing a Taylor Swift song. At least it sounded just the same.
    I love music too! It sings to my soul. I love everything from church music to country music and some old rock. No Heavy Metal. It completely brings chaos into me. I seriously can NOT listen to it. That is SO cool that you won those tickets. And you’re very lucky that your husband loves music too. Mine would go to sleep.
    How was your trip?

  2. Erin, What a great song! Love it. Looks like he’s only doing concerts in your part of the US. In fact, my BIL used to live in Driggs, ID and I see he’s going to be there in July. I’m definitely going to be looking for his albums. Thanks for sharing him with us.

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