Thoughts for Thursday: The Journey

Thoughts for Thursday: The Journey

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”
—Don Williams, Jr. (b. 1968); novelist and poet


The other day we were having a discussion in one of the Yahoo groups I belong to about written instructions and following detailed instructions (totally along a different line of what I’m thinking here) but it sparked some thoughts in me when Susan Chong said:

“Regardless of knowing exactly how to recreate a piece of art, the art can be appreciated for its color, composition, textures, depth, and overall appearance. Many ideas and inspirations can come from a piece of art even if you don’t have the detailed instructions on how to reproduce it. Sometimes it can be fun to find a way to recreate the piece using your own ideas!!”

I think that you can’t really substitute anything for that satisfying feeling of having figured something out. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes it is super fun to sit and experiment and figure things out… and usually I end up going off on tangents and the project looks “a bit” different than I’d originally set out to re-create. I think we learn a lot along the way and discover more of our creativity.

23501-christmaswreath4web_thumb5b25d-5203678Have you ever started to re-create something and then ended up with something totally different along the way because you took a different creative direction? I tried “re-creating” a really cool wreath that I saw in a store this fall and came up with something totally fun on my own. I learned a ton and enjoyed the creation process.

If you have, we’d love to see what you were doing… Feel free to post an inspiration piece and your creative masterpiece!

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