Holy cow!!!! Brent pointed out to me this evening that I have had
23,000 hits on my blog!!!

Holy Cow & WOWZA!!!!! That is very, very cool!
I think I need to say THANK YOU with a BIG FAT RAK!

On Friday will randomly draw a name to receive this BRAND NEW, never used, no longer available, former Stamp of the Month (March 2007) from Close To My Heart – Rustic Flowers. To give you some perspective on size, that big honkin cool distressed square measures 2.75″ square and the big honkin cool distressed flower measures 3″ in diameter.

It’s a D size stamp set (retails at $22.95), but it can be yours FREE when you comment on THIS POST with the following:

* tell me your favorite color.
* tell me something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know about you.
Good luck !!!

****Edited**** I am sooo enjoying reading your comments! It’s fun to learn more about my readers and see the things we have in common! Keep the comments coming… this is gonna be a fun RAK…. I might have to add a little bonus to the RAK, too… hrrrrmmmmmmm!

88 thoughts on “TWENTY THREE THOUSAND hits …. and a BIG FAT RAK!

  1. Fantastic RAK !! cos my fave colour is PINK! but everyone knows that, what lots of people DONT know is that the reason i work part time… is to give me more time to scrapbook 😀

  2. My favorite color is green…and lots of people don’t know that..I have 3 kidneys now 🙂Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome RAK

  3. Awesome RAK! My favorite color is purple. Not many people know that when I was about 12 yo I had a nasty bike accident involving myself, a 10-speed bike, a hill & a tube-top full of red radishes!! It wasn’t pretty.(

  4. OMGosh I would SO love that stamp set! I never win these things…maybe it’s my time LOL!My favorite color is blue. Has been for as long as I can remember. And not very many people know that I am a published author. (Guess they do now!)

  5. Well first off, AWESOME RAK!!!! I just love close to my heart stamps and that flower is one I don’t have!My favorite color is Blue. Well more clearly all the different shade of blue in the sky.Um… something most people wouldn’t know… That is a good question. Well one thing is that I have Asthma since I was nine years old and it was getting so bad two summers ago that the doctors thought I might even have CF! Thankful I don’t. It was a very bad year of Asthma for me!

  6. WOW! What an awesome RAK!!! What a cool stamp set!My favorite color is sapphire blue (black runs a very close second tho!) and something that most people don’t know about me is that I have a crush on Gary Oldman (especially in his 1995 and earlier roles!)

  7. daltonWhat a great rak! My favorite color is purple(currently,lol, I love ALL colors), and something people may not know about me is that I once smacked Barney! Yes, the purple dinosaur. I was at a store opening and this huge thing kinda cornered me, and before I knew it I just whaled him one,lol. It was sooo embarassing, but I panicked, and I guess it was just a gut reaction.

  8. Wow, 23,000 hits, good on you!My fav colour is green.Most people don’t know I have no middle name – odd but true.ThanksChristine C #2264

  9. Favorite color is red.something no one knows about me–man, that is hard as I am an open book—-hmmmmm, maybe that I dont like being around too many humans and that is why I like furry animals so much?

  10. I’ve never really had a favorite color, but my LEAST favorite has always been orange!Most people don’t know (especially due to my present “fluffiness”) that I used to be a lifeguard.

  11. cool Rak Erin!my favourite colour is blue, and something not many people know about me is my first name is actually a hyphenated name!– Nic #1033

  12. congrats on having a busy blog! Need to add it to my Fiskateer bloglines folder so I can keep up with you!My favorite color is brown. Most people do not know that my husband is my first and only love!

  13. ooooooo now that is a rak worth winning:) fave color is purple. most people don’t kno that i have 2 passports, as my mother was born in new zealand & my father was born & raised in the USA.yay to dual citizenship

  14. Congrats on all the hits! Awesome RAK! Favorite color: definately pink this year!Hmmmm! Something about me most people wouldn’t know would have to be that even though I live a block from the beach & Lake Erie, I am terrified of water. I’m ok as long as I can touch bottom but once I’m over my head, panic sets in.doverdiFiskateer #1329

  15. What an AWESOME RAK!!! Congrats on hitting that many hits!!!My favorite color is pink.And not many people know that I freak out if I dont have chapstick (Cherry) in my pocket at all times!THANKS AGAIN!

  16. My favorite color is dark red. Hmm, let’s see. People don’t know that I love to watch cheesy horror movies with my husband.Sandy, Proud fiskateer #1598

  17. My favorite color is BlueMost people don’t know that I like the smell of black staz-on in. Only recently found out you aren’t supposed to smell it. I think it smells a bit like almond extractCongrats on your post count!!Carey – Fiskateer 2486

  18. Congrats on 23,000 hits! I know it will keep climbing with all your creative and inspiring artwork you share with your readers. You ROCK! Wow pick ME ME ME! I would love to give this sweet stamp set an loving home. I would love it, ink it up, and stamp like crazy to make pretty cards with it.Fav color: PURPLE (any shade)Some thing no one knows about me:After working 23 years at my job, I have to go job hunting. So no one knows that I’m a little SCARED about starting over.Thanks for a chance at your sweet candy.

  19. I love shades of blue… not just one shade that is all shades..Something most would not know about me is I was a great big Band geek in highschool.

  20. What a wonderful RAK! Congratulations on your hits.My favorite color is any shade of pink or grey or brown (sorry, I couldn’t choose just one) and something that people may not know about me is that I have suffered from night terrors since I was 12 and have to medicate myself nightly so I don’t wake up screaming or trying to run away from something that is not there.

  21. Congrats on your hits and what an interesting question to ask. I’ve had fun reading your answers. My fave color is pink and most people wouldn’t know that my toes don’t touch unless they’re shoved in a shoe together!

  22. OMG!!! I’ve been wanting this stamp set!!! My favorite color is pink. Something that people don’t know is that I can touch my tongue to my nose. Thanks!!Cheryl KVD

  23. Beautiful stamp! How nice of you to RAK! My favorite color is green, sage, new grass, sea foam, etc.Most people don’t know that I was a Brownie. Yep, waaaaaay back in the day. LOL! I was in Girl Scouts for 4 yrs. and those were some of the best times of my life!

  24. Congratulations! With all your wonderful ideas, it’s no wonder your blog is a visited frequently and by many!My favorite color is a deep rich green.Little known fact – I rode in an elevator with George Forman.

  25. Thanks for so much for giving a chance to win this nice rak.My favorite color is pink.something about is that I love to enter contests. Joan fiskateer #808

  26. Awesome RAK…hmm, my favorite color??…that’s a good ?, cause with me it all depends what it is, but for most part it’s Burgundy or dusty Rose..something not to many would know about me, is that i’m getting married next year.

  27. My favorite color is deep, dark red and what most people don’t know about me is that I sleepwalk sometimes when I am under a lot of stress. Woke up one night in the chicken house! LOL

  28. okok i have to post even though i have that set and LOVE IT!!!My fav color is currently orange. Not a lot of people know that the only thing that stopped me from going to college was the essay I had to write for the application on the reason I wanted to go to college. Well, I couldn’t think of a good reason. LOL!!!

  29. My favorite color is blue. What most people don’t know about me is the I was PAINFULLY shy when I was little and even though I now work in a public service environment, speaking in front of a crowd gives me heart palpitations!Thanks for the chance at that awesome candy!

  30. What awesome blog candy and it is wonderful of you to give it away. My favorite color is purple. Most people don’t know that I have been married and divorced 3 times. Live & Learn.

  31. What awesome blog candy and it is wonderful of you to give it away. My favorite color is purple. Most people don\’t know that I have been married and divorced 3 times. Live & Learn.

  32. Fun! My favorite colors are purple and pink, though not neccessarily together. Something not many people know (or even believe) is that my sis and I once found an exit door on Space Mountain that actually exits you out of Disneyland–and boy was it an adventure trying to get back in.

  33. I Love the color purple, and not many people know that I LOVE looking at Wedding dresses (the white ones that the “english” wear…being a hutterite and dressing in blue has it’s plus with being traditional, but I LOVE looking at all the different styles on others.) Bridal catalogs will keep me entertained for hours.Fiskateer #1485

  34. I Love the color purple, and not many people know that I LOVE looking at Wedding dresses (the white ones that the \”english\” wear…being a hutterite and dressing in blue has it\’s plus with being traditional, but I LOVE looking at all the different styles on others.) Bridal catalogs will keep me entertained for hours.Fiskateer #1485

  35. congrats on your blog… and you are too cool to offer a RAK.let’s see, favorite color: purple.something about me that no one really knows…… i love peanuts and candy corn mixed together….

  36. purple and I cannot swim because I hate to put my face in the water(I am always in the water, but I fake it…until tomorrow. I am taking private swim lessons!!)hugs,Holly

  37. WOW! THANK U! My favorite color is TEAL, and a interesting fact about me is that I am related to Amelia Earhart on my mother’s side…. pretty cool huh? ( lol!)

  38. Congrats on the 23,000! Keep up the good work! I don’t have a favorite color. We need every color of the rainbow in order for it to be beautiful…I love ALL colors a LOT! (And many combinations of colors as well!)Being as I didn’t have an answer for the first one…I will give you 2. First, I almost died of ovarian cancer 6 years ago. I had 2 25 pound tumors removed at that time. And….I taught myself sign language with the help of a lady from church and now I interpret for the deaf at our church. Thanks! It’s been fun reading all of these! PamV

  39. Let’s see…My favorite color is pale pink.Something most people don’t know is that my wedding announcement from the newspaper was on Jay Leno. My maiden name is Hickey and my married name is Marks so Jay got a kick out of the fact that it was printed Hickey Marks. Good thing I didn’t hyphenate! And, I missed Jay that night!

  40. I’d have to say my favorite color is probably some kind of dark pink. I can’t remember the exact name of this color. I also really like sky blue.Something most people don’t know about me is that when I went to Disney World I chased Minnie Mouse (I was three) all the way to her dressing room and had to be stopped by security.

  41. Whoo hoo! Congrats on your blog success! Thanks for the chance to win this it’s really cute! My favorite color is blue…I’ve been thinking about this lately, it used to be purple…I don’t exactly know when it changed…I would do almost anything for a Costco swirl frozen yougurt.

  42. My favorite color is blue with purple as a close second. Well, my new friends don’t know that I used to be a truck driver and my old friends don’t know that I work out at the gym four hours a day five days a

  43. Congrats on all those well deserved hits! My favorite color has always been different shades of blues…this month it’s Aqua. Since I’m a modest dresser, most people don’t know that I have a long scar that runs up and down the entire length of my torso like a zipper:)

  44. My favorite color is LOUD! I love all bright colors, especially turquoise, electric blue, magenta, hot pink…..should I go on? Something most people don’t know about me is my IQ ( I tested at 135). But, while I inherited Daddy’s brains, sometimes I think I might have preferred Mom’s metabolism- she can’t GAIN weight (don’t I wish!!!).

  45. What a great RAK, thanks for offering.My favorite color is blue, any shade of blue! And something that most of people don’t know is that I’m afraid of standing on high buildings!

  46. Congrats on 23.000 hits!!!My fav color…pink to scrap and red to wear, but I collect cobalt blue bottles.Somthing people don’t know about me…orange soda sends me into a giggling fit. =)

  47. You go girl!Favorite color: Anything but gray.About me: I worked as a go-go dancer while I was in college in the Sixties.1

  48. You have an awesome blog!My fav color is turquoise! A little known fact is that I met and have a picture with Harrison Ford on my wedding day (wedding dress and all)! The story made the Associated Press.

  49. Oh Wowza! over 23k hits?! That’s awesome!Let’s see…my favorite color is “cricut” green…(pink for BC Awareness is second, of course!)I would do “almost” anything to be a stay at home (kept woman) and or professional scrapper/stamper!!(ok, I don’t really need the stamp set, but wanted to play with the other reindeer, Santa!)


  51. Awesome set! My fav color is red and most people don’t know that I started working at age 15…shh it was against the law back then! Okay so that wasn’t very exciting, but it’s all I could think of!

  52. this is a great RAK. My favorite colors, I couldn’t choose 1, lol. Is red and purple. Most poeple doesn’t know about me except family is that I have a flat ear. I was born with it and being a twin that was the only way my family could my twin sister and me apart. 🙂 To this day i still have have my flat ear.

  53. Favorite color: purpleSomething few people know about me: I sleep walk and talk. All the time. Not just a little, but like constantly. Dramatically. Yelling, eating things, drinking things, punching, kicking, typing, writing, baking, etc. all in my sleep. I yell, I scream, I laugh, I whisper, I talk normally. Sometimes with one eye open. Sometimes both, sometimes neither. I am a sleep weirdo!

  54. I don’t have a favorite color!!!! but I do love the combo of brown and robin egg blue and brown with pink!Most people don’t know is how much I spend on scrap supplies and i’m planning on keeping it a secret too!

  55. ooooooooooh I would love your BIG FAT RAK!!! favorite color is olive green and not too many people know that I am trying to quit smoking…ssh don’t tell anyone!!

  56. My favorite color is purple, but you wouldn’t know it because I have a lot of blue and pink stuff!What people don’t know about me is that I wash my hands a ton each day. Thanks so much for the opportunity! I have never used CTMH stamps, they look neat!

  57. Great RAKMy fav. color is Purple.Something most people don’t know about me is that if I am going somewhere I have never been I have to map it. Thank goodness for satalite views. I have to see what parking will be like. I panic about it, if I can’t see it. Or if I know parking can be difficult.

  58. Wow, what interesting responses to your questions. Congrats on 23,000 hits(and climbing).My favorite color is red and not many people know I was stepped on by a horse.

  59. My favortie color is brown. Always has been. No girly colors for me! I love your artwork. I am going to make a card organizer for a few friend for Xmas. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  60. great RAK! Congrats on the 23,000 posts that is totally cool! I came here from Fiskateers several months ago – love it!My favourite colour is green and most people would not know that I am actively looking for my birth mother.

  61. This is a FANTASTIC RAK!! I am just starting my stamp collection. My favorite color is yellow, which I suppose fits me since my name is Sunshine. Something most people don’t know about me is that when I was four I was roasting marshmallows by a camp fire. The others decided to burn garbage in the fire and an aerosol can blew up and my pants caught on fire. I had many skin grafts done and had to learn to walk all over again. It has had a huge affect on my personality.

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