Utah Valley Women’s Expo – FREE Tickets

Utah Valley Women’s Expo – FREE Tickets

The Utah Valley Women’s Expo is here again at UVSC’s McKay Events Center… It’s a huge gathering of companies and businesses who provide various services and products geared/marketed towards women. (IE. Scrapbooking, Furnishings, Household products, Skin Treatments, General Crafting, Jewelry, etc.) Visit the UVWE website to view more information. (Links are at the top of their website.)

Anywhooo – I was given a slew of tickets by a friend to give away… AND some coupons for an extra 10% off of CTMH’s clearance sale that is happening at the CTMH “booth” at the Expo… They had a HUGE clearance sale last year… savings up to 90% on some items. I bought gobs of stuff and passed the savings on to fellow consultants who couldn’t make the sale… This year, however, I’m not able to do that, but I would like to share the love with anyone who can physically be there to go to the fun event.

If you’re in Utah {or passing through Utah} on May 2nd and 3rd and would like to attend the 2nd annual Utah Valley Women’s Expo, email me with your mailing address and I can pop these in the mail to you or you can swing by my place and pick them up. 🙂

PS – I am not affiliated nor do I receive any financial gain from this event. I’m just sharing the love.

2 thoughts on “Utah Valley Women’s Expo – FREE Tickets

  1. Hey Erin, Can I get two tickets?? I’m off on Friday and can get them then. Also, I owe ya for the stamps from your yard sale that I still haven’t picked up, lol. I could pick them up on Thursday evening too. Let me know! Thanks!! Monica

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