Where In The World?

Where In The World?

I have been on a much needed vacation with my sweet husband in one of the most beautiful places on God’s great earth.  We just returned home this evening and I couldn’t resist starting to edit pics.


Can you guess where we went?

Bonus points if you can tell me where EXACTLY this is in this great place we vacationed. 🙂

Leave me a comment and your guess and I will draw a name on Sunday for a fun little bit of crafty goodness from my stash. 🙂

~Inky Smiles!

11 thoughts on “Where In The World?

  1. I have no clue! Somewhere were there are hot springs. Hmmm, Yellowstone? No guess on an exact location, though.

    I am glad you guys got away and enjoyed yourselves!

  2. Beautiful pic – hope you had a great time in … Yellowstone! It's funny, I get your blog updates via e-mail and before I even clicked on your blog, I thought it has to be Yellowstone, but maybe that's just because it's my area and I love it too! It's especially nice in the fall – we're planning a trip there next fall, even though we could go anytime since we're only a couple hours away! I hope you'll share more of your beautiful pics!

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