Digital Art: More Charming Images

Digital Art: More Charming Images

Busy in the studio on the computer still… I’ve been LOVING playing with digital images and and creating fun little doo-dahs.  I’m in charge of the Charm Swap at Creative University and have been having so much fun with my charms.  I can’t show you my charms just yet but I wanted to share with you the image I am using on one of them (the Victorian Vintage Charm Swap)…


This image is MUCH bigger than what the charm image is.  Think very small… under the size of a quarter…   Don’t worry, you can still see all the fabulous detail in the finished project. Something like this:


I created the image in Photoshop Elements using images from Itkupilli’s free test sheet. I created the word art using rectangles that I colored, aged, and snipped.  The text is made up of individual letters from the Portable Remington font that I manipulated individually (same as the charm cards I shared previously).

The finished product is glittery and sparkly. I can’t wait to share!

I also made some new charm cards in a blue tone. I was trying to use the CU “colors” for the last set of charm cards… I like these better but the first set of charms was already packaged so they’re staying on red cards. LOL.. .the Under the Sea charm swap will get these blue toned cards.


4 thoughts on “Digital Art: More Charming Images

  1. Oh, wow! I am so impressed with your digi talents. I LOVE your artwork for the charm. This is one of my favorite phrases, and I've been searching forever for a poster of it in light pink for my scrap room. I also love, love, love your packaging.

    I'm getting so excited for CU, and I can't wait for it to arrive.

  2. I keep coming back for a second and third look. I must have one of these! 🙂 It incorporates everything I love. Vintage, pink, that phrase…everything! I just love it!

  3. DROOLING! Seriously! D-R-O-O-L-I-N-G! I so wish I could have gone this year. I don't know if I'll even get to come visit now. We have our RS conference that Saturday evening in Sandpoint. I can't wait to see all of your reveals after though.

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