We Have Some Winners!

We Have Some Winners!

It’s late and I am EXHAUSTED… The bathroom is on it’s way back to some semblance of normal and we’ve got the kitchen base cabinets and appliances back in the kitchen… well except the kitchen sink. I purchased a nifty new black one and the old faucet doesn’t work, and you can’t use Plumbers Putty on granite… ugh… so back to Lowes we go tomorrow!

The flooring arrived at 1:28 pm. We heard a big rumble and the dog went wild… Sure enough there was the UPS Freight truck with 2,040 lbs of wood flooring for us! WAHOO! 20 boxes that weighed 102 lbs each! (Not so wahoo.) Anyhow… we got it all unloaded from the truck with the help of the UPS man (paying the $29 for lift gate service was well worth it) and with the help of a couple of neighborhood kids we got it unloaded from the pallet and stacked neatly in the garage until we get the livingroom cleaned out and can stack it in the house to climatize to the house. This weekend is jam packed with InkStak building so sometime next week we can start laying down the hardwood. I AM SO STOKED!

The winners are:

The closest guess on the WEIGHT is:

anon16-rounded-6344360 Heather H. said…

1.) What time will the wood flooring arrive? I’m going to guess 8:35 a.m. because if it is shipping early it will probably arrive early in the morning too.

2.) How much does my shipment of wood flooring weigh (US pounds)? 2000 pounds

July 21, 2008 8:33 AM

The closest guess on the TIME is:

anon16-rounded-6344360 Juli said…

Your flooring will arrive at 1:23pm and I have no idea how much that would weigh, but I’ll guess 625 lbs. Good luck with all of your remodling.

July 22, 2008 7:33 AM

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and thank you to everyone for playing along! Heather and Juli, if you will send me an email with your information I will get these out to you!

Inky Smiles!

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