Party Dress…. err Hat

Party Dress…. err Hat

Who needs a party dress when you have a handcrafted party HAT?
birthdaygirlhat2007public-6992784 We had a little bday party for Sadie on Sunday after church with some friends of ours. I made jumbo chocolate fudge cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles.. mmmm…. (It was a nice break to get out of the house as I was miserable in pain – fibromyalgia – and sniffly from a cold on Saturday morning and afternoon.) I stamped the white daisy CS with CTMH stamps and inks and added a tuft of cool fibers to the top and tied it on with a ribbon. I got Sadie to keep the hat on by holding the camera in one hand and a Dingo treat in the other hand. As soon as I snapped the pic and gave her the treat, she hauled off and ditched the hat asap so she could gobble down the treat.

The Mini-C’s really enjoyed having a birthday party for Sadie. I felt a little silly singing to the dog, but the kids sure enjoyed it! I guess I really am the Crazy Dog Lady! LOL!


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