Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card 2

Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card 2

First of all… I have to tell you something that might shock you. Please sit down. I can not be responsible for injuries.

I went to the mall today….. specifically to look for a brown skirt. My friend had one on at Sunday and it was quite loverly. Of course, I had to copy her… went to the store…. they had it one size too small and no more in my size. UGH. Then I headed back to my car…. and walked past Archiver’s.

And I kept on walking. I looked at the loverly rows of shelving and neatly arranged displays as I huffed and puffed my iron deficient body down the mall pathway….. but I did not even go IN….

You may breathe now.

And get up off the floor.

So now that you’re sitting there in pure amazement and my insanity we shall move on to card set #2….

Remember the rules?

The “RULES” were simple:

1. Create one card from each layer stack thingy.
2. Use ALL of the pieces that go to each card.
3. Use any stamps to complete cards.
4. You may add one piece of extra cardstock to the card and any extra embellishments.

(More like guidelines, anyway….)

And the players:

Alisha Trussell
Jeanne Tomshack
Kathi Carlson

Here are the pieces for Card Set #2.
The two pieces on the right are actually a garnet color. I don’t know what happened to them… strange…


Here is my original card:
I sandpapered the bajeebers out of the white core cs and layered up the pieces!


Jeanne’s Card:
Hrmmm… am I noticing a trend with Jean and her offset pieces? She added a touch of whimsy with her crocheted flower with a button center and Cuttlebug embossed the small strip of paper.


Kathi’s Card:
I love the silk leaf “swag” under the sentiment, tied neatly with a bow. Kathi also embossed a “wainscoting” panel for the base. Love it!


Alisha had to leave town and was not able to finish this card… I do have all the rest of hers to share in the next few posts!

Enjoy these fabulous takes on some simple scraps!

Back tomorrow with Card Set #3!

Inky Smiles!

9 thoughts on “Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card 2

  1. Again, I'm amazed. No matter what I did, I couldn't get those pieces to stack up the way Jeanne did, and embossing the same-color strip was genius! Of the six, this is the one I found to be the real stumper! Great job, Jeanne!

  2. This one had me stumped a bit for awhile. Hey…we didn't get that same embellishment, the one on which you tied the ribbon on your original card. Hmmmmmm…(j/k)

    Love Kathi's take on the card. I had flowers on the brain while making these cards, as you can see! LOL

    So, did you find a skirt at some point? And I'm sufficiently shocked that you passed by the A's. Shocked and awed! Stay strong!

  3. WOW for passing Archivers and not going in!!!!
    Love all of the cards! They have a Fall type color to them that I just love.
    I was cracking up the MOST at sandpapering the 'bajeebers' what a hoot!

  4. Glad I sat this one out… I saved this set for the end because there were too many freakin pieces… I was stumped and then I just couldn't get it done before leaving on vacation! Anyhow Kathi and Jeanne's were amazing. Loved the layering Jeanne did and Kathi's leaves… so cool… now I am just wondering… WHERE THE HECK ARE DAY 4 and 5????

    Open…open…open… (remember the old Mervyns commercials?)

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