Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card Set #3

Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card Set #3

Sorry for the delay.  I have not been feeling well and have finally been able to haul myself to the computer to actually get some posting done.   I worked all day Tuesday and wore myself out and then had Curves and an echocardiogram on Wednesday. (The echo is a whole ‘nother story… so far no bad news.… will post more as I get the details from my dr.)

Anyway.. back to our regularly scheduled program….

The poor girls really had their work cut out for them with “yesterday’s” hideous scraps.   Yes, there’s a “fall-ish” theme to the cards and pieces… the workshop I originally did was in October or November and the girls wanted “season appropriate”… lol! 

None of the players saw the original cards before playing.  In fact, I had to hunt them down in my stash to snap pics of them to post here!

The “RULES” were simple:

1. Create one card from each layer stack thingy.
2. Use ALL of the pieces that go to each card.
3. Use any stamps to complete cards.
4. You may add one piece of extra cardstock to the card and any extra embellishments.

(More like guidelines, anyway….)

The Players:

Alisha Trussell
Jeanne Tomshack
Kathi Carlson



The Layer Stack Thingy:
Today’s card pieces are soooooomuchmobettah!  I am really digging the variety of themes and designs that the players came up with for this set.  Their creativity and imaginations are amazing! 



My original card:



Alisha’s Card:
Click on the card to view it larger… you can see the teeeny ice pieces/beads that Alisha glued on the stamped image. WOW! She inked up the raised embosses purple layer to pop out the design.  I love the whimsical bow tied off to the side, too.



Jeanne’s Card:
Jeanne had her crochet needle out again!  That flower is AWESOME… and check out the detail (click on the pic) on the card base itself… she embossed an argyle pattern inside an embossed frame.  I love the embellishments nestled inside each other, too!



Kathi’s Card:

Kathi used stamps to add texture and dimension to the plain cardstock and stamped and colored a lovely image for the focal point.  I love the 2nd generation stamping of the leaves and the focal point nestled into the little side bow.


I think it’s awesome that everyone layered up their mats the same AND that they all just knew that that irridescent (sp?) ribbon went on this card!   These are probably my favorite group of cards out of the 6 sets!

More coming up! Inky Smiles!

9 thoughts on “Scrap My Scraps Challenge: Card Set #3

  1. I am loving this scrap challenge! These cards are fantastic! Keep it going…good luck with the doc. I have just recently lost 82 pounds (June 22 will make a year). Blessings,
    Kim xxx

  2. Whooo, hooo! Love Kathi's and Alisha's takes on the card! I really think this challenge idea is terrific.

    I'm so sorry to hear you still aren't feeling all that great. I hope that changes right quick! Hugs!

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