Studio Tour: Part 6 – Fun Details

Studio Tour: Part 6 – Fun Details

I’ve had some questions about some details in the Studio Tour (and the sneak peek collage from a while back)…

Here are some more fun pics to show the details…


Mom made the kitchen witch for me when I was in high school. Mom put incredible detail into this little lady… all the lace trim, the slippers and even the wart on her nose. She has lived in my hope chest/moving box since then… I finally pulled her out and found a new home for her in my studio as my “Scrap Hag”. Hopefully she will chase away the “Mojo Thieves” and general “Anti-Crafty Monsters” that live in the utility closet…


This is my canister that holds silk flowers that I snip off and use on cards and projects. The beaded lady hanging from it is my Crazy Lady. I made her at a cute little shop in Historic Valley Junction, Iowa. When I am having a bad day or feeling blah, I look at her and grin… besides, she’s ALWAYS having a bad hair day! 🙂 The little magnet is a round mirror that says “Look to the Glory of God”. It helps ground me in times of “puffed up-ness”.

I love this photo of Brent and I. It is the first photo that we ever had taken together… It was taken at UVU’s “girls choice” Spring Dance (aka Valentine’s Dance). We’d been dating a couple of weeks… Maybe 2? Anyway, it was also the night of our first kiss. *grin* Look how skinny we were, too!!! I’d love to get back to that size!


This is a fun little E that I made from a wooden letter from Robert’s (Provo) Craft. I covered it with pearlescent pink cardstock and then blinged it out by outlining it with rhinestones and then adhering silver glitter balls to the edges with Liquid Glass. Note to self… don’t use those silver glass ball things next time… they have real silver in them and are now tarnishing. 🙁 The cupcake was made by Linda Cummings.



Just a fun photo of the paintbrush bucket… and detail of the tag label of misc blingy things. 🙂


I filled the “sharp things” bucket with white beans. This helps keep my scissors and sharp things from clanging around and nicking each other. It’s also quieter when putting things away in the bucket. 🙂

The candles are apple/cinnamon scented. I love burning them while I’m in my space… They add a comforting sense of ambiance and smell delightful 🙂



I store my colorful ribbon scraps in a big crystal candy jar from Poland. I love how you can see the colorful ribbon scraps through the jars… like little bits of candy. The little candy jar holds my Tiger Wire and stretch wire and misc jewelry making findings in little baggies. Mom gave me the crystal …. we bought it at a Polish Market on the border of Germany and Poland when we were living in Berlin (1989-1994).


These are one of my many sets of Matryoschka dolls that I collected from various markets while living in Germany. I have a large variety of sets including a set of Jesus and his Desciples, the Russian presidents, and tons of traditional dolls. (One of my favorites is the Turnip family… It “tells” teh story of a family pulling together to pull a giant turnip from the ground for their dinner. ) They were so cheap in Germany!!

I believe this set was purchased at a black market in Berlin (formerly East Berlin) 1990. Hehe! These pretty ladies add a fun bit of color and design to my space and remind me of some very happy and fun times in my old stomping grounds.

Inky Smiles!

7 thoughts on “Studio Tour: Part 6 – Fun Details

  1. Thanks for sharing, Erin! Seeing your treasures caused me to pause and look around – and really see some of the things that are precious to me. The memories that surfaced brought a smile to my face. Thanks again!!

  2. Wow, what a great post! I love seeing all your treasures up close and why you chose them (or they chose you). Gives us a glimpse into Inky Erin and a reminder to really see what means the most to us as well.

  3. What a cool post…I loved reading all about your space. I am jealous.
    Can you believe I have been in Des Moines, Iowa 9 years and only just this year went to Valley Junction!!! I love it there.
    Your Scrap Hag is a hoot, Anti Crafty Monsters had me cracking up. The beans for the sharp things is a great idea.
    Thanks for shring your treasures.

  4. I love it and I love the way to store your ribbon scraps! I am going to have to try that! If you want to know how to make the homemade detergent I posted about on facebook just go to my craft blog, scroll down just a little to see the post on it.
    Meka (2ofus4now)

  5. I am soooo very jealous of your amazing space! lol… I am getting a new space in the very near future! I have left a sweet blog surprise for you over at my blog,
    Kim xxx

  6. You are so organized. Of course, you would be, with the Stamper stacker business. I have given you an award on my blog, but I see Kim beat me to it.

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