Birds of a Feather: A Tutorial

Birds of a Feather: A Tutorial

Hey friends! Back with the promised shabby chic feather birdie tutorial just for you!  I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving and are recovering from the crazy Black Friday sales!  Brent and I skipped them this year and slept in in our nice cozy bed. 🙂

When I made the Christmas tree for my studio I wanted something fluffy and white for it to fill in some gaps and thought feather birdies would be perfect but I wasn’t able to find any in the stores so I figured I could make some.  These feather birdies are SO EASY and fun to make.

Here’s your supply list:
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
String (I used beading string)
Pearlescent beads (10 mm and 2 mm)
A Feather Boa (you know you have one in your closet)
Scissors, Piercing tool or other pokey thingy
Styrofoam balls (about 2.5” diameter)
Something to press feathers down so you don’t burn your fingers (I used a bone folder)
Craft Mat to protect your work surface
Sparkly paper


{Yes, I forgot to include the sparkly paper for the beaks so it’s photoshopped in. :P}

Step One:
Strip off a whole bunch of feathers from the feather boa and make a pile to the side of you.

Step Two:
Spread hot glue in sections on the styrofoam ball, careful not to burn your fingers in the process.  Then carefully add feathers so that the styrofoam is completely covered.


Keep covering it until you have a big fuzzy ball of loooove like this:

Step Three:
Using very sharp scissors, begin trimming down the feather fluff… kind of like giving a fuzzy pet a haircut.  Don’t cut too much off, just enough to “smooth” and tame the frizz.

Step Four:
Time to build a tail for your birdie…. Snip off some nice “full” feathers from your feather boa and set them aside.  Begin gluing the feathers on one “end” to form a tail.  You might need to work in some extra fluff feathers to give it some body and trim up as needed.
IMG_1832web IMG_1834web IMG_1838web

Step Five:
Glue on one of your 10 mm beads to make a head.

Step Six:
Snip off some beads from the garland that was too wimpy for your tree and dip in some hot glue using a tweezer or your fingers if you’re not a klutz like me and then adhere to either side of your head to create eyes.
981dd-img_1841web_thumb5b25d-1520171 9bfd2-img_1843web_thumb5b35d-7071521

tep Seven:
Cut a small triangle from your sparkly paper, score from one point to the longest side with a paper piercer or other tool, fold in half (trim if necessary) and dip in hot glue.  Adhere to front of bird head to create a beak.

bc7ea-img_1846web_thumb5b15d-4016317 35e47-img_1849web_thumb5b15d-5163594 7875c-img_1850web_thumb5b25d-9892655 9e05b-img_1851web_thumb5b15d-1097956

Voila! Your ball o’ feathers is starting to look like a birdie! How TWEET!

Step Eight:
Cut a small piece of string to desired hanging length and tie the ends in a knot like this

Step Nine:
Using your paper piercer or other pokey tool, poke the knot down through the feathers and into the styrofoam on the top of the bird.  Be careful not to put it too close to the tail or your birdies will be nose diving from your tree.


And there you have it!  A loverly shabby chic feather birdie for your tree, wreath, or other happy place in your home!

Now realize you and everything around you is covered in feathers, which, according to your husband ranks right up there with you and everything around you being covered in glitter….

8cc4f-img_1863web_thumb5b15d-1317668 c439f-img_1874web_thumb-2528711
nky  Smiles & Happy Birdie Making!

PS.. If you make some birdies please link up and share what you’ve created!  (I m trying to figure out the Mr Linky thing and add it to the blog posts… )

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  1. Ooh! That turned out fabulous! Happy cleaning up feathers!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

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