Crafting with Food: Thai Fresh Spring Rolls

Crafting with Food: Thai Fresh Spring Rolls

Hello sweet friends!

Our move to Colorado is coming along nicely… We found a home and will be living in a beautiful town called Castle Rock which is just about 12 minutes south of Brent’s work and 30ish minutes south of Denver. We will be closing on the home Nov 16th and moving out there that week.  Brent is currently commuting to Colorado.. which totally stinketh.  Our Utah house is now listed and we are anxiously waiting for a buyer.  (Prayers, happy thoughts, etc, are much appreciated.) Sooo, since most of my crafting goodies are packed up and in boxes in our storage unit so “paper crafting” is kind of hard to do right now.  Over the past month I’ve become seriously addicted to fallen in LOVE with Thai Fresh Spring Rolls. I had been purchasing them at our local Thai restaurant, “Sai Savanh” and thought, “I can make these for cheaper than $4 for two rolls.”  So I figured it out (they are crazy easy) and decided that I could share my version of them in my first ever foodie craft video.

This video is straight out of the camera, no editing.  Be kind. LOL!  I have allergy voice.. meh… and ignore the messy stove, I boiled over my noodles and made a mess while prepping the veggies… and then the chair in the kitchen is from me needing to sit while it took over 30 mins to set up the camera and figure out how to record on the laptop… and.. and.. well anyway…

Thai Fresh Spring Rolls
with Peanut Sauce

This is what we’re making today… don’t lick the screen, I know you want to…




Here is our delicious cast of characters:


The specialty items you will need to “hunt down” at an Asian supermarket are:

Spring Roll Wrappers
Rice Noodles (5 mm)
Spicy Sauce for Chicken

Everything else you should be able to find at a regular supermarket.  Asian supermarkets are generally cheaper than our regular supermarkets.  I buy most of my Asian food ingredients there whenever possible.

Ok, so it was crazy trying to set this up and film on my own… filming projects in the craft studio when you’re by yourself is a lot easier, but the kitchen provided a challenge… here I am getting it set up… I ended up hanging the camera from the knobs on the cabinet doors. LOL!


Let’s make some Spring Rolls!

This is my version of them with a peanut sauce.  Everybody makes their spring rolls differently. I don’t think there is a “standard” recipe.  These are the ingredients that I like in my spring rolls.  You can add goodies such as cilantro, cabbage, sprouts, basil, etc.  These should be gluten free.  (Check your peanut butter or dipping sauces to make sure they are gluten free.)  I don’t generally use measurements when making most foods unless it’s baking and you need specific measurements.  Add ingredient amounts as you desire.

I am using iceberg lettuce, green leafy lettuce, carrots and cucumbers for my veggies.  You can use any veggies that you like.  Some additional suggestions are: cabbage, sprouts, cilantro, basil leaves, red leaf lettuce, julienned green onions, etc.

Oh, and PS… I don’t normally use wire whisk in a non stick pan… I think I packed my nylon whisk already… 🙁

Inky Smiles!

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  1. Yummy, Erin! I was thinking about you and hoping that all was going well with the move preparations.

    Happy thoughts about someone snatching up your pretty house soon!


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