The Urn Vase Thingy Gets a Makeover

The Urn Vase Thingy Gets a Makeover

So I have been working on a little project and needed a base for it.  When Stacey was here we wandered the aisles of WalMart one afternoon and found some fabulous deals on fall clearance items.  In fact, the store workers were marking them down as we were approaching the aisles. AWESOME!

I found a couple of these fabulous (yet ugly in their current state) urn/vases filled with scraggly sad looking fall foliage.  I picked this one up for $5.00.  I will figure out something to do with the fall foliage next year. 🙂 And while Stacey was working on her gatrillion owl bodies I gave this little guy a makeover.


It’s a cheapish, plastic, should have been resin thingy… Not too ugly but sorta ugly.. but ok, the foliage is really ugly arranged like that.  But look past the foliage…  as Rafiki says, “Look beyond what you see….”

It’s got good “bones”… I bet it would look really pretty painted a cool shade of turquoisey blue… Hrmmm…

So of course I had to rip out all that badly arranged foliage… and the nasty Spanish moss stuff that was glued in there with some sort of nuclear war resistant glue… I got most of it…really… and some of the styrofoam, too.


It’s all good. It will get covered up. 🙂

So I pulled out the paint and went to town… I did not take photos cuz I did not want my camera anywhere near that much wet paint. (I’m a messy painter.)  I painted it with a flat paint by Behr and let it partially dry.

Once it was mostly dry, but still wet and gloopy in places I started to randomly dump some Doodlebug fine glitter on it. Don’t be shy.. it LIKES glitter, unlike my sweet husband… blue glitter everywhere! Delightful!



Once you’ve gotten your urn vase thingy covered in glitter just how you’d like it, step back and brush the glitter off your face, chest, legs, and out of your hair, and maybe vacuum the dog before the husband catches you glittering again.



Then I took it outside in the garage and hit it with some spray laquer… well, I don’t think I thought that out well enough because when it dried it looked like this:

Looks like the laquer ate through some of the gaps in pain and changed the color of the plastic underneath the paint.  Not exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but I figured it would still work.

So I stuck my tongue out at it and wandered upstairs to enjoy dinner and some of these DELICIOUS little treats that Stacey taught me to make.


Oh and she made her famous SALSA, too! How lucky were we???


Did I mention we had a blast? Tee hee…

Ok, I will be posting the pic of what the Urn Vase Thingy became tomorrow or Wednesday and then a fun little crafty tutorial after Thanksgiving.

Inky Smiles!

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  1. Vacuum the DOG?! AH-hahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the giggle…no, make that the LOL this morning! I'm very jealous of Stacey, by the way…I wanna hang out with you, too! Also, will you be sharing the recipe for your delicious-looking snacks? Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend!

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